More on the room

I promise that it will be coming to an end see we have an old two story house with a two story addition on it and when we built on we did not connect the two upstairs so in order for me to get to the attic I have to go down the stairs from my bedroom, across the house and up all the stairs to the attic on the other side and as of Wednesday, steps are going to be out of the question for a week or so. I painted this over the weekend and wanted to get it hung this morning and when I looked at the pic, I realized that I still did not hang those little crystal drops back in the candleholders and candles need to be on my shopping list for that room.
Found these when going through that attic and I am not sure where they came from but I like them for this room.

I painted this many years ago and have never really had a place for it. This is the wall above the stairway...not quite the right colors but enough out of the room that I think it is ok.


Ann said…
Cathy, You have done so much on this room. I know you have a deadline looming over you, but WOW you have been one busy lady.

The picture of the boys was so cute. I can't believe that my boys are too big to sit with me in the chair with their sippy cups. I'll have to wait for my grandkids - maybe 15 years from now!

pammyjo said…
Thanks for letting me know about my blog. I'll have some others check it out. This room is wonderful. Darling lil' sweethearts in your previous post.
Suzanne said…
Love all the additions to the room. The colors in the room are so pretty and peaceful. The quilt is beautiful and the plates are perfect! I also love the wall hanging. So nice!
Shanda said…
I love your attic room makeover and enjoyed following along as you did your projects to it. Love the shelf. I have always wanted a room with the ceiling like that and the tounge and grovve boards. I think they are so prettty and cottage-y looking.

You had ask about the free mulch. Check with your city. Most city's have a yard waste facility where they mulch up old tree limbs and such. Ours has a huge mountain of hard woods turned into mulch all free for the taking anytime they are open, only thing is you have to load it up yourself with a shovel at those times. Twice per spring and twice each fall they are open on Saturdays and they provide a loader. Thats when we borrow the neighbors huge dump truck and for the price of a tank of gas, we always haual me 2 loads home and it will last all year and usually have some that turned completly into compost and I then put that on the garden.

I would love to smell the cocoa beans, that would be something new to me, I have never seen the pine needles some use either, we don't have a lot of evergreens here except for nasty old ceder.