Reclaimed Space

About a week ago I posted pics of my attic that I am reclaiming as a bedroom, well today is the day for painting. And now for a little commercial break....if you have never used this paint before, try it, you will love it's coverage...I painted the inside of our business in January, all cement block and it had never been painted and two coats covered perfect. I am really hoping for one coat to do the trick here.....hoping...hoping.....hoping! I bought mine at Walmart, but I am sure that it has to be available elsewhere also. This is the stairway to the attic and landing. I can picture it finished and decorated...

A dresser that is there from when this was my daughter's room. I have started to peel all the stickers off the mirror, kind of sad to do that, but now she has a daughter of her own to stick stickers to everything for the next 18+ years, what goes around, comes around?

Assorted items that were salvaged during the cleaning for decorating purposes.

The "organization?" of the one side...this will be covered with a divider hopefully.
And the main part of the room.

I actually managed a full seven hours sleep last night. I am considering that a gift! I am rested and ready to tackle this room. I have until five this evening when my grandsons show up to spend the night with me. On second thought I have until 3 when I will need to nap BEFORE my grandsons show up to spend the night.


Cindy said…
I didn't know Kilz made paint!!! I only thought they made primer!! Their primer is awesome, I'm sure the paint would be great too!!

Girl, you have fun paining that room today !! That's going to be 1 huge project to cross off your list.... you've done a great job getting that in order!! Can't wait to see "after" shots.......

Oh yea, open the windows, don't need you passing out all the way up there by yourself!!
Cindy said…
I just saw Char's post on the laundry room swap.... those are great pieces.... you are so handy with painting!!!
Ann said…
Cathy, I just used that paint last weekend in our master bath. It is wonderful paint and the price was right! Good luck with your project, can't wait to see after pictures.

Have fun with the boys tonight.

I love the room itself, the small door is just precious, can't wait to see the finished room:)
Sher said…
Our attic is such a mess! Yours makes me want to hang my head (very low) in shame!

I found a place that might serve for more inspiration for that shower you were talking about -

I'm anxious to see what you come up with!