A sheet, A curtain, and some tablecloths

And this is what I got! A rug for the new bedroom! I remember being somewhere and someone saying that they were going to throw away this stack of tablecloths and in horror of throwing away something so useful, I grabbed them! At least that is the foggy memory that I have of the incident. I had this stack of white tablecloths anyway, found a sheet and an old curtain that matched, cut it into yarn using the tube method, (the link is in the post on the t-shirt rug that I made...or see the Polka Dot Pineapple in the sidebar) and voila! (three days later) have this rug! The floors in the attic are wood and this will be the perfect thing beside the bed to warm toes in the morning. From a canvas in the stash, I painted this...I think that the words need to stand out more now that I see it photographed. The colors are a lot more in the greens than the pic also. Off to the painting table!
John has deliveries in a town with a Goodwill so I am loading stuff up this morning for drop off. I think that it is going to take more than one load...


Bren said…
Love the rug!! It will definately keep your toes nice and warm. The painting is awesome, I'm not a painter, so I admire your talent.
Have a Great Day.
Hugs, Bren
Hi ! I'm Cindy said…
I love the rug!! Did you crochet or how did you do that? I looks like a granny rectangle!

I like the painting too!! I'm very jealous of painters........that is something I just can't get... it doesn't go down the way I imagine!!

You're dropping off at Goodwill!?!?! Oh my!! (hehehe, more room for the thing BOUGHT at Goodwill!!))
Love the rug!
Wish I could come to the GW near you todaY:)
Arlette said…
Very cute and I love the shape!
I love the rug too...still trying to figure out how you did it! Happy Spring ~Natalie
Sher said…
Such a gorgeous rug! I remember my Mother making rag rugs when I was a little girl. I'd love to have one but don't know how to crochet. Too bad they can't just be stitched together.
Shanda said…
I am wanting to learn to make rugs like that, only i would like to make my with old jeans. Love them, it is so pretty. Maybe you could take a vacation here and come and stay with me and teach me to make rugs and to paint pretty cottage roses. I am seriously thinking of having a bloggy girlgriend retreat here.

bring a few crafts, an appetite and some stories to share and we could all have a ball visiting. When I get this place all fixed up and all this work done, its going to hopefully happen. Hope you will come.
Amber said…
Love the rug, Cathy!
What a great rug and the canvas painting is lovely too!
Arlette said…
Sorry about the late information regarding the t-shirt remnants. I was fooling around with it today and found out that it made wonderful coasters. Since t-shirt knit is pretty stretchy, I held it taught as I glued it. This helped to keep the coaster rigid. Have fun!