Stack of coasters

Finished up this stack of coasters. They were actually easy and fun to make.
I am still working through the BH list as it has become known. Finishing things and prepping for the Recovery Time.


Arlette said…
What a stack of coasters you have there. They look great and pretty impressive all stacked up like that. I'm glad you enjoyed making them. I did too!
Raggedy Angel said…
what a great idea....who would have thought of coasters from! Beth
Tammy said…
They are very cool looking.
Hello nice to see you round at mine..i really like these coasters they appeal to me ..tell me more to put them together etc
I have had a hysterectomy you WILL be fine its a little bit of that branch you dont need anymore!i have quite a story surrounding mine not approate for the comments list suffice to say the Lord got me through a tragic time 2 days ptior to the OP..
Do you know one of my impacting scriptures is the True Vine ....
Love to keep in touch with you Kieren x