A swap, a shelf, a quilt and some cute babies of mine

Late yesterday afternoon I opened my front door and there was this package on my porch. It had arrived in the mail earlier in the day and I had not checked the mail yet. Char at the Pickled Pepper Patch was my swap partner and I love it all! I entered this swap for my daughter who actually has a laundry room and I will be giving these items to her and I know that she will love them. She has been so good to help me out the last two Saturdays on my attic project. Thank-you Char!
Found these plates in a stack in the kitchen and thought that they would be perfect on this shelf in my attic. Not exactly bedroom decor, but I like it!
I also found this quilt that I had made a zillion years ago, probably the only quilt I ever made start to finish. I still am not sure that I want it for a bedspread, but I think it has found a home in this room.

This little cutie stayed with me last Saturday night. She is such a little ham and when she sees the camera she is ready to pose, even to the point of stopping eating.

These are the little boys at about 8 last night...they never fell asleep until eleven.
We have been camping out when they are here on the air mattress, at this point it was golf practice with the spatulas, later it became a wrestling ring, a boxing ring, and a trampoline all before finally becoming a bed.
AND THEN...this is the little boys at six this morning. Tyler woke up at 5 and wanted to ride his Gator and Logan got up at 6, they finally settled on watching Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie Brown Easter, and Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, rewinding the fight between Snoopy and the chair at least 15 time and giggling hilariously at it every time......I have had two naps today trying to catch up! They exhaust me!

They made room for me on the chair after I completed the milk run for them, armed with sippy cups, I was allowed to hold them on the chair.


Laurie said…
The room is turning out so pretty, and the quilt looks perfect in there, along with the plates!
What adorable kidS! I have a niece who is in love with Charlie Brown, and asks to see the Christmas one over and over again.
Enjoy the rest of your week-end!
Cindy said…
The room is coming together great!!

I haven't decided if the grandbabies are to keep a person young, or really make them feel old after they leave!!!! LOL!!!
Amber said…
Cathy - I LOVE the room! It's so bright and airy. It's absolutely lovely!
I bet one of the best parts of your day was getting to cuddle in the chair with those two little monkeys. They are so cute. I agree with you about them wearing you out and needing naps in the days following. This is why only young people should have babies full time...lol!
Thanks for sharing.