Trashing the list!

Ok, so I know that I made this list of things that I needed to finish and I am not going to completely trash the list, but I think that the list might be stifling the creativity so I am going to "adjust" the list. Still finishing things up, but some of them are things that I just might have STARTED in the last month! I LOVE to start projects...even more than I LOVE to finish projects. Sometimes the in between process slows me down. When I get an idea, OR I see something that I just have to try, I have to do it NOW! That was the case with this t-shirt yarn. Check out this blog for more info
A friend of mine sent this blog to me on Monday and when I saw the t-shirt yarn I HAD to start this project. You see we are in the screenprinting business and t-shirts are plentiful around our house. Misprints are a by-product of our business and we either donate or wear them or throw them away. Somewhere in Haiti there is an entire ball team with our local high school's name on their shirts. We take them home and wear them and have used them for rags, you name it, but this...this was the ultimate in recycling for me. I cut and stretched and wrapped and started crocheting and this is my first rug.

I love the colors and it matches my guest bathroom perfectly. I have a huge stack of t-shirts now laying all over my sewing room floor waiting to be made into yarn. I know that counts as another unfinished project but as for the list....

I think I am going to substitute this rug for the one baby afghan that I know that I am not going to get finished in the next week anyway.
Now what to substitute for the slippers that I have started....the hat?


Wow, great way to recycle, love the rug and I think that is so neat that the team are wearing your t-shirts:)
Have a great day finishing up your recent projects.
Hi ! I'm Cindy said…
Oh!! I saw this somewhere, it's in my bookmark "Things To Make" -- that list is so long!!

I love the balls of t-shirt yarn by themselves! Put into a cute basket or old crate and leaven them in the living room. When you feel you need another rug, just whip it up, the yarn will already be there!

As I've told you from the beginning, swap out the list..... maybe make that the list you complete 1 off of it a month?? It's still getting completed, but plenty of time in between to be the oh creative self!

I just have to get busy and get these things out of my head and into an actual piece!! hehehe... tax time is about done?!

Have a great day :)
Ann said…
Cathy, Thanks for sharing the photo of your rug and the blog for the tutorial for making the T shirt yarn. I have a stack of jeans in the attic waiting for something, I can now add Tshirts to the pile! Now I just have to learn to crochet. Good luck with your other projects - you're keeping ME motivated. ~Ann
Glad you recieved it:)
Today I found red and white yarn for you at GW, I'll keep it until I have more stuff to send:)