That's what friends are for!

As some of you know that visit her regularly..or occasionally, we are having our second Friendly Palette Reunion this weekend at my house. The first one was held in Ottawa in 2007. We are a group of friends that all met on the internet through an internet painting group. I joined in 2004, but most of them had been together long before that on another group. There are seven of us in the group and one is not here. We miss her, but we are persevering. All but one arrived on Thursday via the Pittsburgh airport and we did a few stops in Pittsburgh and then back here. Yesterday was spent in Smicksburgh and a few other stops and last night, they introduced me to altered art. Thanks everyone! As if I "needed" another addiction in my life. We all sat around the table and made these little books for the favors for my daughter's baby shower and what fun it was? They are all different and all so creative! I could not be happier with them....the books and my amazing friends!

Today we are off to the flea market and a few other of which may be for me altered art supplies. I think that I am hooked!


Cindy said…
Cathy, those look fun!! You'll have to give close ups of one (and insides)...those look something I could love to do!!

I'm glad everyone is having a great time! Happy flea marketing!!!!
pammyjo said…
Flea marketing today too. Enjoy yourself and your friends. Love the altered art ... as you know frin my slide show altered mixed media is my love. ATCs so fun. Well keep having a super weekend. I just want to jump into the computer and pop out at your place. LOLO
Love the little books for the shower!

I'm about 30 minutes from Pittsburgh and the airport:)

Have a great time fleamarketing!
Tami said…
What fun!! Once you are hooked on altered art it is hard to stop. We are going to a church youth garage sale then to the birding center for bird watching.

Have a fun day!
basketsnprims said…
Have fun ~
Love your blog & I'll be back.
Kim said…
Those look fabulous!! I love admiring altered art! You go right ahead and get hooked and I'll admire yours too...before I dive in! ;o) Have a great time with your friends!
luv2teek said…
Love the little books. I've dabbled in altered art along with my to collect all sorts of neat finds to use in it...just finding the time to actually do it is my problem now! Hope you enjoyed the weekend with your friends.
It was SO much fun making these little books for Shelby's baby shower with everyone! Thanks again for a great time. I see a whole new addiction forming with you! lol don't forget to show us the picture frames too.