Art of a different kind and one tough little flower

This was my Monday project at work yesterday. I really don't like to do projects like this on Mondays, like to have the day mostly at my desk, paperwork, artwork for the week, and a few smaller jobs but I am glad that it is out of the way now. I never post what I do at work, but I was really happy with the way that this van turned out. We do screenprinting and embroidery also and each has it's time of the year when we are busy with one area and right now is sign season. I can't seem to get ahead of the work right now and it is cutting into my CRAFTING time at home! John keeps reminding me that this is my job and not crafting! Hmmm, I really like the crafting!

This little flower sprouted right up out of the pavement on our driveway. Now our driveway is not in the best condition and weeds are sprouting all over it right now but who would have ever thought a petunia could grow like that and just "volunteer" to come up right there.
We are being very careful not to step on it just to see how it survives. As you can see it is right at the edge of the garage and actually it is right in front of the man door for the garage.

This is my latest knitting project. I think that it is going to be a table runner. I am using Knit-Cro-Sheen and scrap country yarn colors, just making these triangles and sewing them together. It is an experiment right now...not sure how it is going to turn out but easy no brainer knitting, just what I need right now.


Yes, this is a determined litte petunia...
Have you changed your email address recently? Anything that I try to send, comes back as undeliverable.
Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie
pammyjo said…
Same email prob with me too. I'm liking the triangle experiment. Very prim looking. You did the signage on the van? OMGosh ... I can't imagine. LOL Looks wonderful. Lil Petunia, ahh. Hope it makes it. Until later, P
Love the petunia growing in such a strange place:)

The van looks wonderful...great work! Also the knitting is so prim looking please show a pic when done:)
I really do believe that there is a petunia fairy that flits around, dropping tiny petunia seeds in odd little places. I too, have a petunia growing in between the cracks of my sidewalk. It's in a place that is nowhere close to where I usually have petunias. I think that's further evidence of the petunia fairy existence!
:) Cathy
Linda CCC said…
You did a fantastic job on the truck, Cathy!