A day of rest!

Yesterday was an official day of rest around here. It has been a hectic couple of months and I just needed a break. I never left the house and yard and actually managed to sneak in not one but two naps. A very rare occurance for me! These are the aftermath of some of the sheets and some of the mess in my sewing room. I cut them and then gathered them and took them out to the swing under the tree to wrap them into balls. How peaceful!
Finished and waiting to be made into rugs.

A finished t-shirt yarn rug, this is going to Shawnee's house.

And this morning's project. This is my little herb/vegetable garden outside my kitchen window. It is very small and do you think that I could find time to get it cleaned out and planted? This morning I tackled it while the moon was still out. A great way to start a Monday morning with a completed project BEFORE I go to work.


Hi, Cathy,
You have been super busy at your house. I'm glad you had a day to rest and relax. What herbs do you grow? Happy Monday ~Natalie
Ann said…
Cathy, Hope you are recovering from all your action on Saturday. I was going to tell you that you could only blame going to yard sales on me if you found some good stuff. Go ahead blame me -You hit the jackpot. I went on Friday and only spent 55cents on 4 things. I must have been too late for the good stuff. DD loves belts, its like my shoe thing. Found 3 belts for ten cents a piece, all name brand and she didn't turn her nose up at them. YEAH! Have a great Monday. ~Ann
Charmingdesigns said…
Love your rag balls! I got back from our Fancy letter class, come by and take a peek. Laurie