Prayer Book, Auction Goodies, Walk in the Yard....

and one more pic of the little girls! I made this little prayer book with one of the paper mache books left from the shower.
Picked up these peas and strawberries at the Amish Auction today. You just can't beat fresh peas although they do take some time to prepare.

And some pics of my yard...I have not had near the time that I would like to have to work in my yard this spring so far.

But it is not too bad, just not where I would have liked it to be this year.

And as I was snapping pics this buggy clip-clopped by the house.

And one more pic of the little girls. Don't they look like complete opposites? Gracelyn with her white hair and Kendall with all that dark hair. Gracelyn loves her and has tried to share her toys and sippy cup with little Kendall. She was just sure that this was a stroller that she could push Kendall around in.


Your strawberries look delish...and the faces on those little girls look sweeter yet! Have a great weekend. ~Natalie
How blessed you are to hear that old fashioned sound of horses hooves, I would love to be able to hear that!

I love your gardens very pretty and your decorating of it is so nice.

What beautiful granddaughters you have, so sweet!
Suzanne said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog! ;o) First off those little girls are adorable! My two girls were just like that -- one white blonde and the other almost black hair. We used to call them "Salt" and "Pepper!"

Your yard is absolutely beautiful. So peaceful looking. Yum -- those peas and strawberries look scrumptious! And...I love the paper mache prayer book - what a nice idea.
pammyjo said…
Beautiful girls, beautiful yard, and to share my new sign on the outside of my studio ... "Life is Good". We are truly blessed. Have a wonderful weekend. :) P
Lois said…
Your garden looks great as do the strawberries. The peas, well lets just say they look like peas and leave it at that. Do you get the impression I am not fond of peas??LOL!
As for your grandaughters....your picture was worth a thousand words.
Have a great weekend.
Laurie said…
Your gardens are so pretty, almost as beautiful as these precious babies!
Amber said…
Your yard is beautiful! It looks so relaxing!