You be the judge

Of why my body is hurting so bad this morning. This was my Saturday.

6 AM, up and out of and checking the computer trying to decide what to do with my morning before I the boys get here, laundry all from the second floor to the basement, sorted and the washer is thumping and humming.

7AM, after reading some of these blogs I decide that I HAVE to hit yard sales this morning, it is community yard sale day, showered and off I go.

8 AM, pics to follow of the many finds that I made, I stop back at the house to see if hubby is awake and would like to join the festivities...HE is going golfing, what a poor choice when there are still 2 hours before the little boys get here.

9 AM, still happily shopping and BUYING! In and out of the car what felt like 90 times or so, not that this matters but it retrospect, it all is part of the judging of the problem.

9:50 AM Arrive back home to the phone ringing, it is Jenn and she has brought the boys "a little early", forgot to leave their car seats, and the boys are at my MIL's who lives in the backyard. I unload the car...stuff to the basement, stuff to the sewing room, stuff to the dining room table, switch loads of laundry, put the car away, gather little boys, a duffel bag, a box of Twix and a little kiddie car thing that they call their Honda (because it doesn't make any noise like a Harley), where do they get these ideas? I'll never tell. and we head up the driveway, the day is spent from here on, chasing, running, golfing outside with their little golf clubs and me chasing and dodging the balls and throwing them back running all over about 3 acres of ground. They really can get some good hits We play 1 -2-3 throw the little boys on the bed, hide and seek, I keep sippy cups topped off and the cheerios flowing, we went to the park, climbed the rock wall, down the slide about a dozen times, and of course Gramma Cathy has to go down the slide also, back from the park, lunch, John is home from golfing, has helped the neighbor with her mower and made the 20 mile round trip to pick up the car seats, Logan falls asleep and I want to crawl in that Pack and Play with him, with a binky in my mouth. Tyler never sleeps, we watch Charlie Brown Easter, Christmas and Football as he calls it and we rewind the part where Snoopy fights with the chair about 15 times,

3:00 John leaves for the wedding

4:00 John back from the wedding, Shelby and Ryan here with Little Miss Kendall all dressed up for her first wedding. The boys are awestruck by Kendall and just stand there staring, this was their first sighting of their new cousin. I think that I should have had her all day, I would not be as tired if they had stood like that all day.

4:20 I am showered and dressed for the wedding reception, (high heels)back down the driveway with little boys, duffel bag, suitcase, load the little boys in the car, strap them in and off to deliver them to another set of grandparents so that they can totally wear out two sets of adults in one day.

5:00 Wedding reception, food, music, and later dancing, catching up with people that I have not seen in awhile, "helping" Shelby with Kendall (translated "showing off" the little bundle)

10:00 or so dancing to some music that I did not like the beat of, I tried to leave the dance floor ( soaked corner of the Catholic Church Hall) when John, party animal that he can be, grabs my hand, my normally slippery shoes hit the abnormally slippery floor and down I went landing smack dab on my left hip. I would like to say that only my pride was hurt, but I knew that was not true. My body had taken a BIG hurt!

Now you be the judge...was it the rock wall? was it the sliding board? was it the 1-2-3 throw the 35 and 40 pound little boys on the bed? was it the in and out of the car 90 times in the morning? lugging suitcases, fastening car seats? high heels? or was it the fall? I can hardly move this morning! I need a rest!

Now on to my yard sale finds for the day. I did not get pics of the 5 sets of sheets that I got for $10 to be cut up for rugs or the royal blue wool coat for $1, they are in the basement in the cycle of floor - washer - dryer - fold and take back upstairs. I also did not get pics of the childrens books, new coloring books, or the Magna-Doodle for $2 something.
This little poetry book was 25 cents. Each page has vines and decorations around each poem. I was thinking for scrapbooking/altered art things, but not sure if I should destroy the book, any thoughts? Quilt scraps for $1 per bundle, still collecting fabric and stuff for the I Spy quilts that I have planned in my mind for the kids for Christmas. Maybe I will start those today...I LOVE to start new projects! This tote was brand new for $1, just can't pass up a nice tote, it actually would make a great gift bag...or I'll just keep it.
Crocheting and Knitting book....I really didn't need another one of these but there was a scrap knitted afghan in it that I really liked and it was only 25 cents. Brand new, still in the package Avon flip-flops in my size....never can have too many flip-flops...and if I do they can always go on a mission trip somewhere.
This whole bag of dishcloth yarn was $4. There were 17 skeins of it in there. That is quite a savings!

A grandmother's sewing basket for $1, I can never turn these down. I love to dig through them.

Hymnals and song books for scrapbooking and altered art. They were $1 each. I have a bunch of them and didn't need these but could not pass them by. So I spent around $32 yesterday...but what deals that I got! and all before 10AM.

Whew! I am going to rest today and maybe clean up my sewing room. Tyler took one look in there yesterday and said "Who made this mess?, let's go back downstairs!" Really.... it is not like he lives in a pristine environment, why does he always have to COMMENT on MY messes?


ohiofarmgirl said…
Sounds like you had a great day...makes life go by so quickly. Dianntha
Suzanne said…
Wow! What a day. You were busy! Incredible finds at those yard sales. Lucky you!
Holly said…
You had a great day! So busy! Wowee! We hit a few sales too - my "loot" looked like a ton of Barbies, girlie clothes, and Race Cars - my kids did most of the shopping!

God Bless You Cathy! Rest today!!!
Colleen said…
Whew!!!! I'm exhausted just reading what you did yesterday!!! LOL

Good bargains!! Take a nice warm bath and soak those weary bones and relax today :)