A Closet Flea-Marketer and a Perfect Moment!

I must say that I was a bit nervous taking Molly to Hazen for the first time. She has never really seemed like the flea market type and I didn't want to force the whole cultural thing on her, but that being said, Hazen is only 5 times a year and this being the third one and I missed the second one, well let's just say I took my chances! Now I am not thinking that she "loved" it or that she would go back alone, but if the Fourth of July would happen to fall on a Saturday again in well, let's just say 2017 or something and if one of us is not in a wheeelchair or a coma by then, I just think that she might go back! This is her lovely little stack of goodies, she did well and really I think that she kept right up with my spending habits. The funniest point was when I found one of my favorite spots, you know the ones where the people just have all these boxes of junk everywhere, nothing is priced and you just dig. It is very dirty, but when you can find a treasure in all those boxes, it is worth the dirt. Molly stood back and decided that digging through those was not for her, so I am digging and rooting and I turn around and she is paying the man for something and he wrapping and packing! Busted!
I found this end table for $20, I think that I am going to paint it black and sand it...not sure, I just knew that I didn't like the one table that was in my family room and this one has wonderful knitting storage! It was SO heavy lugging it back to the car, but well worth it!

Could not resist this picture for $8, not sure where it is going but I loved the colors.

All these clothespins for $5.

And all these keys for $5...clothespin and key craft ideas accepted...Please!

Basket, $5

Train Case $5. I can never resist these, they are sure sellers once they are painted.

Paper crafts and a berry wreath.

Paper stuff for $1, stuck to the back of the mini dictionary (we are not going to think about what the gooey mess that had it stuck there) was a checkbook register from 1960. How I love to read about what people spent their money on, house payment $50 and someone was paying Domestic Relations $15 a month for a child or wife somewhere. I think that the little dictionary is the perfect size for ATC's and the old catalog is so interesting...would love to be able to buy that merchandise now and at those prices.

All these wood spoons for $1. Won't they look cute as Christmas tree ornaments?

This was the view from the deck last night as John cooked an amazing meal on the grill. I was even allowed to touch the grill and make grilled pineapple for dessert. I made a glaze of Coca-cola, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a little black pepper, thickened with corn starch and served it topped with ice cream. Hmmm, I might have those leftovers for breakfast!

An even better view from the field behind the house, right before we drove up to a higher field and met Jenn, Chris and the boys to watch a fireworks display.
Do you ever have one of those moments that is so perfect that you want to freeze it in time? Sitting on that hill, alone, except for good friends and family, cross-legged on a blanket, making a seat for a two year old, seeing his first fireworks, I looked at the wonder on his face as the light from the fireworks flickered on it and at the moment everything in my world was perfect and complete.


Suzanne said…
It sounds like a perfect day. Lots of great finds at the flea market and a perfect evening celebrating!
What a great day you had and great finds...love the end table!
Char said…

I love that train case and them wooden spoons...make sure you show them both to me first (lol)...cuz I think I will the proud owners of them if they go up for sale!...hehehehehehehe...I love them!
Karen said…
what a fun day and who wouldn't love a flea market!!

Your table is going to look adorable painted black - I'll be back to see it.