I Spy, Patriotic Paper, and more Donations

My girls loved I Spy books when they were little, well to be honest...I loved them also. Luckily I still have them and we have a whole new generation loving I Spy.

When the boys arrive they run for those books, they have their order that they want to look through them and they have their favorite pages. Logan doesn't quite have his colors down so I have to be careful what I tell him to look for, but Tyler can find the littlest stuff and make me search for it. I have years of experience with those books, but Papa is so easy to stump, they are all new to him.

When I was making the patriotic ATC'c, I thought I would try making some bigger paper decorated pieces. Fun and easy!

Donations!!!!! More yarn, tons of knitting needles and crochet hooks! My friend Becky's mom cleaned out her sewing stuff and sent these to me. I was so surprised to get the package! These are going in the donation closet for the mission trip in January. Good thing I found a place to donate the hats and scarves that I have done, I need the room in that closet!

Help! I changed my blog back to a standard template. I have had people tell me that they cannot open my blog. I love all the cute templates out there. Anyone have a favorite site that they use that they find load easily?


pammyjo said…
I just sketched and painted the girl, doll and fireflys. The background was a SusiBlu tutorial minus the smearing with crayons part. I wasn't sure I could paint on the part with wax based crayon, so I left that part out. I watched a You Tube painting faces from Milliande and just played around, truly. There are alot on You Tube from some great painting gals, although a little goofy. Search mixed media, painting faces, backgrounds on there. Thanks for the kind words!
Amber said…
Ian love I Spy books!

I have found thecutestblogonthe block.com to have templates that load very easily and you don't have to save anything. Just copy and paste the code, and voila! BTW, I never had a problem viewing your blog.
Dawn said…
Your flag boxes are awesome!!
Balisha said…
I have SHABBYBLOGS.com....No problems yet. Love those flag boxes.
pammyjo said…
I'm back ... LOL. I was looking at your patriotic paper items. They are so cool. I might try my hand at it. Good grief ... is there anything you can't do? Giggle.
Kath K said…
lol love those I spy books too.. wonder where ours got to? the patriotic boxes turned out great.. and what a wonderful haul Becky's mom sent..
Kath K said…
Love those I spy books too.. wonder where ours have got to? might be a little early though..lol
the patriotic box turned out great..
Wow Becky's mom sure sent you alot of great things.. how big is this container to ship? lol
Lesley said…
Cathy I remember I spy but we didn't have books, as children we often played eye spy in the car to occupy us.
Love your new pieces. Paper becomes a huge addiction, oh yeah, I think I contributed to it.
Love your blog.
Crystal said…
Love the Americana stuff!