Saturday so far.

As Saturdays go, this was supposed to be a non-stress one. Supposed to be would be the key there.

Up at 5:30, I was sitting on the front porch, hot cup of coffee, paper and pen by my side, crocheting a couple of more little blocks for Warm-up America and making my to do list for the day...that was the high point, if only it could have stayed that way and then the list, a mere 16 somewhat simple items and until 1:00 to finish them...they are numbered by importance. Sweep and skim the hot tub and clean the head pads....NO problem, head pads are in the kitchen sink soaking and I proceed to the hot tub to sweep out all the dirt, partially put there by Tyler when he dumped a whole bag of hot tub toys from last summer into it dirt and all. There was just too much needed emptied and refilled, a once or twice a year task but I could not remember how we did this one, the last one had to be siphoned and I am not sure where the hose is....a couple of more things off the list and hubby is still sleeping.... I know that he is tired but he has to meet a customer at the shop at 9 so at 8 I wake him up and GENTLY ask him where the hose is to empty the hot tub...he tells me and I go and get it, well it is just a hose, no ends, so I think that I must have to siphon it, no problem, I did this all the time with gasoline when I was younger...gas for the mower out of the car, so I proceed and don't hear it coming and a whole choking mouthful of treated hot tub water and I am choking and gasping while I answer the ringing phone. I am still pretty calmly sitting on the porch watching the tub drain, pretty proud of myself that I have gotten this far when my dear husband walks out the door with the look of a grizzly bear that has just been rudely awakened from hibernation mid January. He growls and grumps, something about me waking him up and emptying the hot tub wrong and snorts and yells and I remind him that he has to meet a customer and 8 minutes when the phone rings and Jennifer has tore her sink apart, looking for her wedding rings and can't get the drain back together. The whole situation is so preposterous that I break into uncontrollable giggles as I hand the phone to the grizzly bear. That is the first time that he called me a bad name and as he hung up the phone he THREW it into the pachysandra and left. Ten minutes later I find the phone, ground cover really swallows a phone if you don't see where it goes in. I call Jenn back and tell her that I soon as I don a bra and some contacts, I'll be over. The plumber grandmother is now cross-legged on the floor in about 2 1/2 feet of space trying to put the sink drain back together with Logan sitting behind me explaining all about his Leapster and Tyler hanging over my shoulder watching and professing how much he loves me. I ask Jenn for a hammer and she brings me a cordless drill??? Logan at least has given me some room now and is looking for his Handy Manny hammer. Sink back together I head home to check the process on the hot tub drainage and realize that it is low enough to get in and start cleaning. Now I already have on a long sleeve tie dye t-shirt that is wet, both from the drain and the hot tub and I just slip off the sweatpants and put on a bathing suit bottom from somewhere around 1993 and that is the sight to behold in itself, hair yanked back in a headband, gray roots and all. (you see color hair was right under sweep hot tub on the list) That is the sight that my poor husband had as he returns...still looking pretty grouchy but now he is having some kind of pain, holding his chest and really all I can think is "If you think I am taking you to the hospital looking like this, you are CRAZY, get over it" He says he is going inside to rest, isn't that they all say right before the big one? I keep cleaning and draining and while I am there I am just thinking of a tape that we watched years ago in Sunday School by Dr. Dobson about your "things" owning you and how true that is at this point and also is he (my husband) really resting or is he in there having the BIG ONE? Won't he feel bad if he kicks it and the last pet name that he called me was a bad one? Now Jenn has dropped the boys off at my MIL's who lives in the back yard and I need tools and can't get them out of the garage without the boys seeing me and wanting to "come to your house"

Quickly now because dear hubby is now dressed for the party that we have to be at in an hour and is glaring at me with my wet hair and no make-up.

Hot tub cleaned and refilling, I throw a load of clothes in the washer and proceed to fill my hair with the magic potion that is going to wipe away YEARS.....timer set, vacuum, clean the toilets, straighten up and.... ding...rinse the hair color and with the hot tub and washer filling the only water I have to rinse my hair is a tiny trickle of really hot he is pacing and asking me questions....oh well he could be hooked up to tubes right now.....gotta love on!


Balisha said…
Oh, Lord....and I thought I was busy today.Don't fall asleep at the party.
Molly Griffith said…
Yet another episode of "Keepin' It Strate". I'm not kidding, this stuff would SELL!! Whenever I think I've had a wild day, never fear - I just read Cathy's blog and everything comes into focus again.
Bren said…
Once again Thank you for the entertainment and laugh in my day of boring driving. I mean it, I love it. And just when I need it most, there it is. You're too much! Thanks for sharing this day in your life, and I hope hubby is in a better mood. YOu out did yourself I thought.
Hugs, Bren
What a day you have had!! I'm sorry but I can't help but laugh. Not laughing AT you, laughing WITH you. You sure put a bright spot in my day. Thank you!!
pammyjo said…
You are my hero. I really think you should write a book. Truly. You always make my day in some fashion. Either a out and out laugh or some creative endeavor I L O V E. Have a great Sunday! :)
Wait, isn't this a typical day?!
I did worry a bit when I read you were using a hammer in your plumbing fix because I didn't think that hammers really have a place in plumbing, but obviously you found a use for that hammer, so all is well.
Great post. You always give me a laugh.
Charmingdesigns said…
What a day!! I see you still have an old background. Look on my blog in the left hand corner and click on the blog background logo and it will take you to some backgrounds and tell you how to get them. email me if you have trouble. Laurie