Staycation weekend.

Last night we decided, John and I that we like this stay at home Fourth of July tradition that we have created. He worked yesterday for part of the day, I did not, today we traditionally ride our bikes to eat breakfast with friends. Given several factors, including the 50 degree temperature and the fact that the big flea market falls on this weekend this year, I will be driving my car to breakfast and then heading to the flea market. The guys will ride the bikes or golf or something guy like for the day and I will be taking my "non flea market" friend to dig for treasures. Who knows, maybe I will get her hooked on them. This "new" obsession of paper stuff is not a good thing. I have this mess all over my painting counter...and floor and I just can't leave them alone. This is such a left turn from my normal crafting. Normally if I make something it has to be utilitarian, marketable, a gift, or something to adorn my house. These are none of those and what freedom to just create for the sake of creating. They really free my mind!
Short intermission from the cards and back to normal crafting...this is for my daughter Shawnee. She mentioned wanting one of these some time ago and I finally got around to making it for her. I was going to keep it for Christmas or a birthday but I can never do that...I have to give it to them right away. So Shawnee if you are reading might have to come and get it!

Now back to the ATC's, these are a few more that I did, paper was 16 cents a sheet at JoAnn's and I went crazy! I wanted it all! I wanted the punches, the crimpers, the cutters, the organizers, those cute little books of cardstock, stickers, chippy things. I don't even know what it all is but I wanted it!

I ended up settling for a paper cutter with my 40% off coupon and lots of paper, some cute little tags and some more of those clear stamps and some more stamp pads.

I have found ribbon that I have around the house and those little circle things are from a scrap bag. Anyone remember the hats that had those crocheted into them? My grandmother made those all the time.

Love this black paper!
Now this morning I am really going to catch up on all the blogs that I have missed this week.
Have a great Fourth! Stay safe!


Bren said…
Sounds like a fun time for you this weekend. Enjoy the flea market and just being home, I know how you feel.
Love your ATC cards!
Hugs, Bren
Meggie said…
Hey Cathy! I stopped by to visit last night but couldn't get the print on your blog to appear?? I think the problem may have been at my end. No problem with it this morning. I know what you mean about staying home for the 4th...I like it that way myself. I, too, love the scrapbook paper at many cute patterns. Have a great day!
Oh no, don't get me started on another craft project!! I love these papers projects but I have NO room to start collecting more stuff. LOL!! Have fun with it Cathy!!

Have a great 4th!!