Finished projects

Remember this table from a month ago? I picked it up at the flea market for $20. I am ashamed to say that it has sat around here this long when it took such little time to paint it. I am blaming the rain. Every time I thought I had time to work on it outside, it has rained. Yesterday, after church, I put it out on the patio and painted it finally. I got the final coat on it, sanded it and spray the varnish on and walked down to my MIL's when as my husband calls it, a "frog strangler" started. I think that is Pennsylvania redneckese for a really hard rain. When I finally got back to the table, the varnish had worked and the water had beaded up. Still not sure exactly what I am going to place on the table, but this will do for now AND it is already filled with the next t-shirt yarn project, a new bath mat for our bathroom. And this one is finished. This is going in my basement entry and that is the door that everyone uses so it should get a lot of wear and tear and dirt. I am showing it to you laying on the carpet because if I would have shown it in the entryway I would have had to clean the floor first, way too early in the morning to be scrubbing floors.
If you are interested in the t-shirt yarn, the Polka Dot Pineapple has a great tutorial on it, she is listed on my blog roll. Well worth checking out!


Amber said…
The end table looks very prim! Great redo!
Love the table...I have a table exactly like this one...and I need the storage so badly and have yet to get it painted. Yours has inspired me to drag it out and get it done.
Amber said…
Hey Cathy! I shop at all the Goodwills in the area, but I also stop in at St. Vincent De Pauls in town and the TLC shop in town often. I found the goods in today's post at the TLC shop. I have also found some things in at the antique shop (can't remember the name of the shop) on Market Street (up near the Courthouse.)
pammyjo said…
Great redo. Storage too? You scored on that one. Have a great week.:) I really like your rug.
The table turned out great! Love the T-shirt rug too, great job on both!
Wow, you had a busy weekend...grandbabies and finishing projects. You must be superwoman!! Happy Monday ~Natalie
Kath K said…
Great end table.. turned out lovely.. that rug is gorgeous.. should look great in the entrance way.. off to check out her tut for them..
Great pics of the kids.. wow 4 years old already.. amazing hey?
Love that cabinet and the rug!! I want both...LOL!!! May have to give that rug a try. Gonna go check out that t-shirt yarn!! Thanks!!!
Lynn said…
I think I have that table!!! I wish I could talk my husband into painting them... We got them back in the 70's Ethan Allen tables. I can't beleive I just said the 70's and they are still in the livingroom!!! LOL I love it painted!