Four generations at Conneaut

Conneaut Lake Park is near Meadville, Pa. The park has had it's problems over the last few years, but is open again this year. It does not look like it used to and is not in the greatest condition but they are trying. This place holds so many memories for me, of going there when I was little, of taking my girls and friends when they were little and now a day spent there with my granddaughter. The girls and I have been to many of the bigger parks over the years. Cedar Point was an almost yearly trip when I was a child, as well as Idlewild. Busch Gardens, Disney, and Universal were all trips that we made also, yet this park was always my favorite, small, old-fashioned and with a sense of history there. For all the park condition is a bit of a disappointment, the day spent with my daughter, granddaughter and my parents was not. It was the nicest, most relaxing day I have spent in a long time. A day at the spa could not have been better. Gracelyn loved the merry-go-round. We rode that many times.
She loved her ice cream cone also. Ate every bite.

The water in the lake was a refreshing cool-off for her.

This merry-go-round was small and just her size.

Mom and Dad sure enjoyed the day with her also.

If I could just hit the lottery for mega million $$$$$, I would buy that park and restore it! What fun that would be!

I added a slide show of the day at the bottom of the page. It would not add on the side..the pics only showed halfway.


dunn0996 said…
i always loved going to conneaut lake park. my aunt and uncle had a cottage right on the lake. if you hit the lottery i will come help you restore the park. i always wanted to work there for the summer. i didn't know they had opened back up, the last i heard the had a fire. thanks for sharing, i think i may have to take a ride to conneaut. toni
Meggie said…
Looks like a fun day. My Young and Restless group from church is headed to Conneaut in September. With the great idea you had to restore your Fair Grounds, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that you had some bright idea about how to restore Conneaut Park. I I think you could do it.