Paint 'til you faint Saturday

What a nice break I had, I painted, watched Lifetime and Hallmark Channel movies and stayed in painted up sweatpants and a t-shirt all day long. I love days like that. In addition to these projects, I cleaned many more off the prep/varnish table in the basement, varnishing, drilling, tying homespun, taking them one by one to the attic steps. I have everything stored in the attic right now, but it was just too hot to take them all the way up. Besides, it was nice to see them pile up as the day went on.

This is a wooden teapot/watering can...not really sure. A customer brought this to me years ago to be painted, which I did all pink and yellow and bright as she requested. She never picked it up. It has actually made a couple of house moves with me. I sold the shop in 1996, I think that the statute of limitations was up on keeping it for her any longer. The title of the song is The Rose and the Gardener. All of the rest are yard sale finds and none were over $1.

Thought I would try a little more mixed media on this. The background are old catalog pages from an old hardware type catalog. I am thinking that this would make a great bed tray somewhere..or for someone.

It has these cute little metal feet on it.

I have more treasures finished but they are still on the varnish table in the mess in the basement. Wouldn't want to photograph them there!


Anonymous said…
great items...I love that key tray, very nice! It is a great feeling finishing those UFO's, isn't it? Love those all crafting days!
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...and get that bike out girl! summer is almost over! We did 2 rides last week, plus a biker Sunday was so fun!
cwa said…
Beautiful work as usual. Blessings to you this week.
Lesley said…
Wow Cathy, you got a lot done.
I am slowly getting at mine. Dribs and drabs but so humid here in Ontario. Nice to do what you want when you want. Keep it up. Love looking at what you are up to next.
Blessings dear friend.