She loves the dirt!

Gracelyn came to visit and for a sleepover last night. Her Mom always has her looking so perfect and dressed so well. I hated to let her get dirty, but she was enjoying herself so much and the clothes will wash. My flowers and yard are so bad this year, too much rain, too little time to weed and clean up. (Note the branches down from the last storm waiting to be hauled away.)
Maybe by next year if I keep them nice, she'll forget that Grammie let her dig in them.

And then the magic words, "Time for a bath"

And she will follow me anywhere. I think that she likes her bath, but let me tell you, that dirt took a lot of rinsing to get out of her hair!

One more quick stop to smell the flowers.
And it was bath and off to bed. Our visit was not near long enough. She was sound asleep by 9:00.
Today, we are off to a craft show that a friend of mine is in...her first! This afternoon I have to go and paint picnic tables at the fair, more on that later!


She has the sweetest little face. It's no wonder her hair took several rinsings! Did her precious pink pants come clean? Have a great weekend. ~Natalie
pammyjo said…
Just a little beauty. Love the pictures!!! :)
WoolenSails said…
She is adorable and what better than a good pile of dirt to play in;)

Gracelyn is adorable!!! Bet you had a great time.
Karen said…
What a little dollie! And I love her name.
Amber said…
How much fun!