Swim Class...and more tables.

Sandwiched between work yesterday, I managed to get to my granddaughter's swim class and what a treat that was! She loves the water and this is the only picture of her mouth closed. Most of the time she was squealing and kicking and splashing, Animation is the only word I could think of to describe her! She was in constant motion and could not enjoy it more!
And more tables. I am hoping to finish these tonight. One BIG project checked off the list would be a real moral booster.
Chickens, Maltese Cross, Peterbilt, Saw and Hammer, Auctioneer, all the special request items now for the tables. Not exactly my painting specialties. Doesn't anyone want a saltbox house and a willow tree?


Kim said…
Wow.. you are truly a powerhouse when it comes to all he things you do!! My hands are not allowing me to do much lately but i the best of conditions I do not do as much as you.pat yourself on the back my dear. You are awesome,,,,Kim
Mary said…
Those are lovely! You're a woman of many talents! Your DGD is just adorable!
BurttBunch said…
Cathy! Your granddaughter swims before my daughter! I didn't even recognize you but I do recognize that little girl! I am guessing she is at the Y. How funny and what a small world!
luv2teek said…

Looks as though Gracelyn is lovin' the water!

Great job on the tables--I'll check them out in person next week...can you believe it is time for the fair already? A sure sign that summer is almost gone!

Smiles and sunshine...Bev