Things my Dad has made for me

Since this is the view from my back yard and this is where I have been for the last three days after work and since creativity is at a standstill at my house this week, this post is things that my Dad has made for me. I saw these carved strawberries at a gift shop and commented that I really liked them, next thing I knew I had a whole crop of them. I had to paint them of course. I like that they are all a little bit different.
My Dad gave this to John for Christmas this past year. It was the first thing that Dad had made for him. John choked out a "thank-you" and said nothing more. I knew that he couldn't, he was so touched to have something made for him that he couldn't talk without the tears flowing. It was a really special gift for him.

Dad carved this r grouse and gave it to me to paint and keep. It sat in my paint room for many years. It actually startled many people because it looked so real. I am not sure why I got this one, I am really not a bird person other than I think that the grouse is some official bird for Pennsylvania and that made it mine. Everyone that sees it thinks that it is a mount and not carved.

This wood chopper was one of his early carvings and the butter mold he made for an order and then made me one also. I would like to try to actually use it at some point. That will be on the retirement list of things to do.

This guy is another early carving that I acquired.
This couple are part of my Thanksgiving decorations, but I leave them on my bookshelves all year.

The Indian on the right is Chief Droopy Drawers. He was a toy of mine that I always carried when I was little. My Mom kept it because apparently I cut my teeth on his nose. You can see the teeth marks on it. A couple of years ago, my Dad made this carving of him for me..the Indian on the left.

This old lady is special, Dad made her for me when I was going through a rough patch of life. I was going through a divorce and trying to raise my daughters and pay the bills. I had bought the worst fixer-upper you can imagine. No furnace, no grass in the yard, windows that we had to plastic in the winter, doors falling off the house, it was really bad. I was working any extra job that I could find, doing whatever work was available. I was always cleaning and fixing up and Dad made this for me during that time. How symbolic.

He has made a ton of these spoons and forks. Most everyone who asks gets a variation of these spoons. The black mark on mine came from kids and a certain adult who can act like a kid that exploded a pen all over everything one time. I leave it on there as a reminder.

Thanks for stopping time it may be Things my Mother has made!


Kim said…
I loved the pics of things made by Dad. He must love you alot. Id love to see Moms stuff too.
Glad you shared with us. kim
Suzanne said…
Oh my goodness -- what treasures. Seriously, he is so talented. My favorite? Hard to choose, but I LOVE the spoon!
Ann said…
Cathy, your Dad is sure a talented woodcarver/woodworker. Did they have a good time at Sauder Village on Saturday? ~Ann
You have some great treasures and memories in those pieces Cathy. Your Dad is quite the crafter himself!! I would love to see what Mom has made too!!
OMG, your dad is so very talented. How lucky you are to have all these things made by your dad. Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day.
cwa said…
Aha, now we know why you are so artistic. You got it from your dad. He certainly is a very talented artist. I love all his woodcarvings. They are so beautiful. I'll bet it makes you smile everytime you see one of his pieces sitting in your home. Thanks for sharing them with us, and I am looking forward to seeing what your Mom makes too.
Amber said…
Wow! Your dad is talented. The strawberries are precious and I LOVE that butter mold.
Carol K said…
Cathy, I LOVE your Dad's creations....he is very talented. In lieu of a knitting night, we will make butter. I have done it with some Amish milk, but I never had a mold to put it in.
How lucky you are to have all that! He is really wonderful at carving!
Laurie said…
What beautiful treasures, I love the woodcarver! Well I love all of it, you're so blessed to have these, wonderful heirlooms one day! Can't wait to see what your mother has made!
Lynn said…
AMAZING, How wonderful those are and great keepsakes that you will treasure for ever...
Whoa, your dad is amazing!
BTW, I'll watch for the traincase in the mail!
I've started on your pinkeep and will let you know when it's ready for mailing.