What a haul!

Can you believe that all of this AND groceries were in my car when we got home yesterday? Sometimes you just need a break and when we left yesterday morning that was all it was going to be was a little break to deliver two orders from the shop and stop to get food and a present for Tyler's birthday party last night. We were both tired from a long week and needed a little ride to regroup. Might as well throw in a few yard sales, but I needed to be home to clean by noon. At 2:00 we unloaded the car! And I still had this to make for the party. The center is to be filled with fruit dip made from cream cheese and marshmallow creme and marachino cherries, my favorite!

This was the fun find in all the mess!
And it was and still is a real mess! But what fun to dig through. It was the last day for a large yard/estate type sale. The people were so nice and there was stuff outside, stuff in the basement of this cute little house and when they saw what I was digging through, they allowed us to dig in the "old" house, the shed and the barn. It was so much fun and the people were so nice and making these great deals and laughing over how we were going to fit it in the car. I bought these three plastic bins and the suitcase for $15 and what finds! All of these buttons, a new pair of pinking shears, a small glue gun, rolls of rick rack, a whole box of lace, skeins of dishcloth yarn, knitting needles, styrofoam balls and tons of ribbon, wrapping paper and cards.

This is the mess still in my family room. Oh there was a certain amount of guilt, my laundry is not done, sheets for the guest room are still in the dryer, the house still needs cleaned and those darn picnic tables are not finished yet. I have a guest coming to stay tonight, and I have to cook breakfast for church in the morning and we have a committment this afternoon to be at, so maybe that is why I am wide awake at 4:30, I guess it is cleaning and laundry time!


Karen said…
That's the kind of yard sale I want to find...wow...what a great bunch of goodies and those buttons...what you going to do with them????
janet said…
Enjoying your blog.Love all those buttons. What are you going to do with them?
pammyjo said…
Love your button find. Great! You need to take a day off. Giggle! How is it you relax? :)
WoolenSails said…
I didn't see any good yard sales while I was out this weekend. Great haul for a weekend hunt, will you keep you busy for awhile.

Balisha said…
When I did my crafting, I used lots of buttons.There's something about a button that I still love. I can't resist them at sales. Your's is the biggest find I've ever seen. Slow down girl!
Kim said…
Fun fun fun finds!!!! you so scored! The fruit tray looks yummy!
Goodness gracious, that's a lot of buttons! I love sales like that...so many treasures to be found. It's a good thing you and I don't live closer to each other because I would've had a button battle with you to get that bin full of buttons.
I've lost track ... did you giveaway that wonderful little traincase? I'd still be willing to do a trade with you for it, just let me know.