Who knew?

Four years ago tonight we were walking out of the hospital after meeting our first grandchild! Who knew what our life would become? We rode motorcycles, our house was decorated and clean, our yard was nice, mowed and trimmed and flowers were blooming...what a cute little addition to this life this little boy was going to be. How fun after four girls! And then THIS happened!
And this!

Happy Fourth Birthday, Tyler! Our cups run over with the blessings and joy that you have given us! We could not be happier with the chaos!


Lois said…
Hi Kathy.
Happy Birthday to Tyler!
Doesn't the time go by so fast?
You are so lucky & blessed to have all those little ones.
We have just the one but hopefully sometime in the next few years another one or two. I am keeping my fingers crossed and poraying for more blessings to come our way.
Thanks for sharing!
cwa said…
I hope Tyler has a very happy birthday. I hear that grandbabies are lots of fun. My mother always said that having grandchildren was the reward you get for having enough patience to not kill your kids. What a joyful chaos. You truly are blessed.