Cabinet repaint

My daughter, Shelby bought this cabinet at a junk/antique store about 5 or 6 years ago. We happened upon it in the back of the store for $5 and I remember it as being one of those, "Well, do you want it?" "No, you can have it" "Well if you really want it..." decisions. She ended up with it and I painted it. Crackled with a big prim star on each door and lots of berry vine wrapped around the star. Do you think that I can find a pic of it? It was hanging in what was her office, now her nursery and when she decorated the nursery, she asked me to repaint it to match. Some of you might remember all the nursery decorations and I had the best of intentions to have it done for when the baby arrived, however spring brought surgery for me, Kendall arrived a month early and I have never really "got back" my summer. This cabinet has made the progression from riding in my car, to sitting on the side porch, to sitting in my paint room (not a very big area) and now to the dining room, on the way to the basement to be varnished. My excuse is that I had to wait for inspiration to paint it! These are the doors close up.

When I got it done, I liked the design so now I am painting a couple of more similar pieces.
Now I am off to paint a bench that the Fair people brought to me. I was so relieved when I got those picnic tables finished, thought that was done for another year and two days ago they showed up with this bench to be painted by the weekend. Those people don't give me much of a chance to procrastinate...or wait for inspiration. It is all speed painting with them!


Oh I have been there with the 'do you want it' question...back and forth....just 2 weeks ago with a Pewter creamer/sugar....I ended up with it.


Your painting continues to amaze me. Just awesome!!!!
Such fantastic painting, love the cupboard!
Lynn said…
oh I just love that !!!
Cabinet is GREAT!! Love it.