Can anyone top this?

It is worth a prize! A giveaway sort of..designed to make me feel better. How self-centered is that giveaway. Once again, or as usual, I have way too many projects started. Last year Ann at A Hole in the Basket had a UFO challenge. It really got me moving to finish things. Someone needs to host one of those again, I would but it would just be another unfinished project. Anyway, as I STARTED the afghan at the bottom of this post this morning, I felt the need to hide it from my dear husband so that he would not see yet another project laying around. Instead, I replaced (hid) another project with that one.
So here goes, I am going to list everything that I can think of that needs finished and having published it to the "world" I am going to try to finish something every day for the rest of September. The first person that can list MORE UFO's than I have will not only make me feel much better, but will receive a prize in the mail from me! I promise it will be finished.
1. This penny rug, my favorite kind to make 2. Another dishcloth that I started in the car a week or so ago.
3. All these pumpkins that are growing all around my recliner.

Who but a tolerant husband would put up with this mess?

4. The boys room. Jenn and I started painting the designs on the wall last week and did not get it finished and I wanted to paint a chalkboard on their new toy room. Two projects that I am counting as one.
5. The quilts for their room.

6. A pair of socks that I have not picked up since knitting nights ended at the beginning of summer.
7. A wool yarn Christmas sock that I also started at knitting nights.
8 and 9. Two cupboard doors that I have started painting and are stacked in my painting room
10. A birthday present for one of the girls that now may be a First Day of Fall present.
11. The cupboard for Shelby...really this is John's project, it just needs the shelves in it.
12. Some decorative pillows for the attic bedroom, started in March before my friends were here to visit, I wanted them finished for the visit.
13. The candleholder that I painted...needs candles and filler.
14. T-shirt yarn bathroom rug for our bathroom.
15. An ice skate, painted and in the basement waiting for greens to fill it.
16. Another train case, basecoated and waiting for inspiration.
17. And this afghan...honestly I see this young woman in church every week. Her belly is growing and I knew that I would be invited to the shower. Why did I not start this afghan sooner? The shower is Oct. 3.
Bonus items: I did not post the pic, but I still have at least five penny rug pillows started. I am going to consider those wild card items...if I can't get a project done for one day, they are a quick finish.
So that is one project for every day until the end of September. Please encourage me, tell me that there is one of you out there with more! Send me some pics! List them, it is worth a prize!
My plans to sew yesterday went away as I sat with the second cup of coffee and decided to make a quick trip to Ohio to see my Mom and Dad. Shawnee and Gracelyn rode along. When I returned home, the boys were here for a visit so I never picked up a needle. Today is work in the AM, Kendall in the afternoon.


Suzanne said…
Lots of projects. Sounds like fun. Personally, I can't wait to see the penny rug completed!
Rugs and Pugs said…
OK. You! Maybe there is something in the air. In the last two and a half weeks, I have finished hooking the largest rug I've hooked to date (have not started the binding ~ yuck), sewed the binding on 2 small hooked mats that were done 5+ months ago, sewed the backing on 5 punch needle pieces finished 1 - 2 years ago, started and finished (and put in the mail) another punch needle piece and have started making my first Chrismtas gift. I still need to finish the penny rug I started a month or so ago. Whew! It feels good to get things done.
Good luck on all your projects.
I love your painted pieces!
You are a brave woman! I am totally afraid of making a UFO list!
Meggie said…
Wow! That's a ton of projects. I give you an A for effort even if most of them don't get finished in your time frame.
Laurie said…
I'm with Ra-a-Muffin! I'm afraid if I made a list, I'd be more overwhelmed than I am right now! Good luck though with your list, can't wait for the pics as you finish!!
Lois said…
Hi Cathy!
Oh you are such a brave woman...
you really put in in writing...
I am humbled by your bravery!
I have so many UFO's that I am afraid to make a list. Just last week my dear hubby said two bad words to me....he said that maybe it was time to "FINISH and ORGANIZE" some of the ongoing partly started/finished jobs I have lying around the house.
Sniff....sniff.... :(
How could the man I love use those words to me...?!?
Really, I have stuff in 3 attics, three quarters of a room in the basement and part of his office not to mention the pieces in the front living room and the back family room that are waiting for me to finish. This past weekend I found another box of greenware that I forgot I had. It's waiting to be cleaned and fired but I don't have time to do it just now so I slipped it behind the bed. He'll never look there so it's safe from comment for the time being.
I keep telling him I want a craft room that I can put all my projects and equipment in and he says we can't afford to buy a bigger house.
What's a girl to do?
I was told once that true artists, regardless of what type of art they do, tend to have a lot of projects on the go at the same time.
So Cathy, tell your sweetie that you are an ture artist and that true art cannot be rushed or put on a time table.
And if that doesn't work....rubber maid bins can hold a lot of unfinished projects and you can hide them in the garage or basement and he'll think they're his stuff and won't bother with them.
LOL!! :)
Have a great weekend.
PS sorry for such a long comment. I didn't mean to hog the blog.
You have me beat, Cathy. I have lots of unfinished projects but I've been slowly working on them lately so the list has dwindled.
I like your idea of telling the world about it though ... There's more motivation to get it done. :)