Commuter? not for me!

Yesterday I had to drive to the city for a computer class. First of all, I normally drive about 1/2 mile to work every day and it takes longer to warm the car up in the winter than to drive to work, hard on a car, I know and really...the way my jeans fit, I should just walk, but that is another story. Up and on the road at 6:00 for a 9:00 class because I did not know how bad traffic would be for the last 20 miles of the 60 mile trip. The biggest danger in the first 40 miles would be hitting a deer. The last 20 miles could make a person really bitter. People who think that the left lane is theirs, when really it is mine to get ahead of everyone and be in front. After all, when traveling a four lane, that is my only goal, to be in front. I don't like to follow other cars, I just want wide open road ahead of me and will get there no matter what speed I have to go. City traffic does not allow that to happen and makes me a little impatient. Thank goodness the class ended early and I was able to leave Pittsburgh before the Friday night rush hour.
Finished these items this morning. I love the paper backgrounds, what a change to basecoating. And some collages.
On the way home yesterday I passed a big Michaels and ran in to get ONE 1/2 inch shader brush. That is my staple brush. I do almost all of my painting with it and stock up on them and try to use 40% coupons to get them. All of Michael's brushes were on sale at 40% off so I gave myself a little treat and bought a few of my favorites.

Another penny rug pillow finished.

Today we are off to help a friend with a ATV Poker Run. I have never been to one of these but I am sure that it is going to be quite a lesson in rednecking fun. Quite the cultural event, I am sure!


BurttBunch said…
Sounds like a GREAT day at the ATV poker run! All muddy and such....great times!
Glad you enjoyed my music. =)
Hubby used to listen to really heavy not so good music so this is a compromise! At least the messages are better and kid friendly than Metallica and AC/DC and such.
stefanie said…
i think computors are sooooo hard, i should take a class, love your pillows
cwa said…
The new creations are fabulous. I'm not particularly fond of city driving either. But I am the "other driver", the one you loath. I am the one driving really, really slow and holding up all the other traffic. It drives my husband nuts! Hey, what can I say, I live in the middle of a cornfield. I find the other cars intimidating. My husband, on the other hand, finds them adversarial. In an attempt to stay married, we just try to stay away from the really big city. Blessings to you.
Laurie said…
Wow do I ever agree with you on the traffic and left laners! They drive me nuts, you'd think they'd know it's not the slow poke lane. I especially loath it when someone afraid to pass semi's gets in the left lane, then won't gas it to get past them, and I end up stuck behind the two. Enough of my soapbox, your projects are awesome! I love your talent, and am so happy to have your works in my home!!
Lesley said…
Love Love Love your new items Cathy. I know how you drive and I like it, get out of my way...
I got some brushes here as well on sale at Micheals. I needed some for my fall show items. Our brushes get pretty beat up don't they? keep up the great work Cath.
I give you credit...I have never driven or will drive in Pittsburgh, they are always doing road work and have detours all over the place! My youngest Chris, drives all over it though and he has even drove in New York City!:)
Love your projects and the penny rug pillow:)
Eileen Bergen said…
I love the snowman tags! Did you buy or create the card stock yourself?