Friday, September 18, 2009

Crafting Mania and Free Range Chickens

At 4:30 yesterday morning, my day started after four hours of sleep, refer the last post and the pumpkin latte comment. I thought that a latte was just warm milk....little did I know that it had a shot of ESPRESSO (spelled right, Marilyn!) in it. I won't make that mistake again..the spelling of espresso OR drinking a latte at 9:00 at night.
As a side note here, when I write MY book and go on MY book tour it will be under a pseudonym and I will be interviewed on Oprah behind the same screen that they use for the witness protection program and my voice will be garbled. I will tell me family that I am on R & R in the Caribbean and they will never know it is all about them.
The following pictures are of what happened to my sewing room that I cleaned at five in the morning is preparation for craft day with Shawnee. We thought that since I keep Kendall at home one day a week now, we could have a craft afternoon while Gracelyn and Kendall napped. It partially worked although their sleeping at the same time did not work out quite as well as we planned, there is a tv in there and Wow Wow Wubsie helped after Gracelyn dumped baskets of craft supplies all over the floor.
The next big interruption...I am only calling the 45 phone calls from work MINOR interruptions...was when John showed up at the house with the 8 3/4 pound free range chicken that our pastor brought to the shop for us. The comment from my dear husband of "Do you think that you are smart enough to cook that?" could have got him poisoned...and still could now that I think about it. i know that in our six years of marriage I have not exactly been a domestic diva but I did have another life and I do know how to cook and hey, I think part of the blame goes on him...he made me this way.
At 2:30 when Gracelyn woke up from her nap, I started the chicken, made stuffing, peeled potatoes and popped it in the oven, more crafting and reading stories and feeding Kendall, Shelby visiting, and then supper on the deck. We chose the deck 1.) Because it was a very nice evening and 2.) because I still smelled like baby spit up and needed to air out.
The chicken was really good. Sure would like to get some more of those...very moist and tender. Cleaned up the kitchen with the help of the clean and already showered husband...showered myself and promptly fell asleep in the recliner.
Lessons learned:
Lattes are for the AM not the PM
Craft at Shawnee's house
Espresso is spelled with an s not an x
Free Range chickens have no hormones and a whole soapbox/sermon that we won't go into here
Calling for pizza is still much easier than cooking
Crafting with a 19 month old makes a real mess ( a lesson learned 25 years ago and forgotten)
Now I am off to finish candy canes.


pammyjo said...

I swear, I swear we were seperated at birth. LOLOLOLOLL I'm thinking the book is written, we just have to figure out a way to print blogs. Giggle. Of course you would use a pseudonym. You don't need talk show appearances cutting into your art time.

Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

LOL!!! You always brighten my day and bring a smile to my face and laughter in my heart. I love visiting your blog!!!

Suzanne said...

So funny! Honestly, this is the story of my life. I could relate remarkably well.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

What a wonderful light hearted post today...thanks for the enjoyment.
I could almost see the activity there.
Hugs, Karen

Lesley said...

ROFL, I know when I visit your blog it is going to be a real delight. The shopping with John's story was funny and pictured in my mind, and, to see the chaos develop in the craftroom just made me smile and think, well Cathy's eyes just must have been huge to see that mess, say nothing and delight in the moment. Am I right??? Sounds like the chicken was a hit.
Have a great weekend friend.
L xo