A different light, a conch shell, quilts and some painting

First of all, I have missed a few days blogging so my mind is rolling through topics.
So here goes, I see me in a different light, I can't quit that song from running through my head, it is from a few years ago, I think a country song and the words go "I see you in a different light, with your hair hanging down and love all around" Anyone else remember it? WELL, I made the mistake of replacing the two burned out light bulbs in my bathroom and now I see me in a different light, or I think it is me, maybe it is just a cruel joke that the mirror is playing on me, or maybe the mirror is crackled and those are not really wrinkles on my face. And hair hanging down, the only lovely hair hanging down is those wild hairs that keep appearing on my neck! Where do they come from? I think that I check them everyday and then I will be out somewhere all day with other people and I come home and there is one of those hairs about an inch long hanging from my neck! Was it there all day? Didn't anyone think to take me aside and tell me? This light is cruel! Thank goodness I didn't pull the other three lights down and clean the fuzzies and ladybugs off of them, I might have passed out from shock! And then....my dear husband, who has some serious diarrhea of the mouth at times, says to me (and not in private) "Wow, how about that bathroom light, YOU can't be too happy with that!" I let him live, only because the lights in prison can't be any better.

I have a conch shell sitting in my bathroom. The other night, after the zoo trip, while getting ready to give the boys a bath, Tyler in his skinny little birthday suit, picks up the conch shell and says,"Gramma Cathy, I know what this is, it is a conch shell and when you hold it to your ear, you can hear the ocean" and promptly sticks the POINT of the conch shell in his ear. Too funny!
I have been working on the boys' quilts. Jenn has moved them to their "new" bedroom and I need to get these done. Every available minute has the sewing machine humming at my house. I am happy with them so far. I am not a quilter and have no pattern, so they are just growing in my mind as I make them. Fun project though.
Doing a little painting also this week. I had Little Miss Kendall all day yesterday so while she napped, I painted. My sewing room is too far away from her nap area. The plate is another yard sale find from a two Saturdays ago. Blocks are just a small portion of the box of cut up 2 x 4's in the basement.


Lynn said…
Love your plate and blocks......so funny about seeing you in a different light comments....I recently bought a large makeup mirror that magnifies to do my make-up as my eyes aren't what they used to be...but boy is it scary looking into one of those !!!!The song "the old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be" comes to mind comes to my mind every time I look!!!! UGH! Have a great day!
Oh, I just love those quilts, the boys are so lucky and what a keepsake for them.
Love the plate and blocks, such a talented painter you are:)
The weather this summer was terrible for the pool but it's so nice to have when it gets in the 90's:)
cwa said…
The plate and blocks are darling. Your painting is just so beautiful. The quilts are wonderful too. Oh, and about your husband, I think I married his missing twin so I feel your pain. Blessings to you.
Laurie said…
I love everything you've done, and you'd never know you're not a quilter! You couldn't prove it by me, they're great!
pammyjo said…
I can barely type with my giggling. I love the different light story. It's so true. Where do these body happenings come from. The girl who cuts my hair is on a mission to keep my eyebrows under control. They have always been fairly nice. Now they are growing a new direction. Up and out. What brings that on? Geez! :) They remind me of Einstine's hair.
Lesley said…
ROFL LMAO, Cathy, you are making me laugh so hard, don't worry your light is not just at your house, it is here too. Body hair in general, we won't go there or any place else.
Love your quilts and your painting just keeps me so inspired.
You go girl and never mind how you look, it's what's inside that counts. Just be you.
Suzanne said…
"I let him live, only because the lights in prison can't be any better." Funniest statement I've read in a long time!!! I can relate, sista!