Knitting Night Resumes

Our Tuesday night knitting group resumed last night at my house. How fun! I have missed my friends and knitting. There was quite a bit of digging on my part to find the dust covered knitting basket and remember what I was doing. Poor Tina, who is even more of a beginner than me, forgot everything and we had to reteach her. Carol is the most experienced and also the most patient. She always helps us and has new things to show us. Last night was a new cast-one technique for me and you know what that means....a new project! Did I really need to START anything new? Carol brought us this bounty from her garden. What a great gift and this will all be part of supper tonight. I can't wait! Gardening is on my If I Didn't Have a Job list. I used to love to garden and "put up" for the winter. We have a new customer at the shop. Normally I don't deliver or leave the shop to see customers. Most of our customers do guy things, mine coal, drill gas wells, pour concrete, sell feed, stuff like that. The remaining ones play football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis and cheer. We print shirts for Poker Runs, Motorcycle Rides, and sweaty gym places, so when we get a customer that has a yarn and quilt shop...I jump on that delivery. Cozy Comforts is a new shop in Smicksburg, Pa and if you are in that area, you have to stop in and visit. They have tons of fabric, notions and yarn. They are new and still stocking the shelves but have great plans for classes and more yarn and fabric, I bought these yarns while I was "delivering' and the fabric starch shown below.
I read about this in a magazine and have wanted to try it. Last night at almost 11 when my safety conscious husband found it on the family room floor and pitched some minor hissy fit about the grandchildren finding it and getting poisoned, I took it to my sewing room and put it on a high shelf, but not before I had to try it. I love this stuff! It smells so good and really finishes off your patching, He was happy with where I put it, but apparently he has not seen the determination and climbing ability of a two year old when they want something.

Found these candy canes at two different yard price, $2.00. Shawnee and I will be turning these into prim candy canes tomorrow and hopefully they will be hot sellers at our Open House.

This is one of my finished projects. It has to be varnished yet though. There are still some chalk marks on it where I drew it that have to be removed also.

And another of the penny rug pillow also.

Tyler had his first day of preschool this year. Last year's preschool didn't work out quite like we planned. We are hoping for much better this year. We don't discuss the "removal" of him from preschool last year, but hopefully someday at his high school graduation, his first preschool experience will be a fun family joke. (The teacher last year requested that he not be brought back after just a month, our perfect angel, how could she? Apparently his lack of concentration and escape artist tendencies didn't set well with her idea of organization...c'mon drink a six pack of Red Bull with a chaser of Starbuck's double expresso and he is not that hard to keep up with) Day one seemed not bad and Jenn (our least structured daughter) is now looking at the calendar for the month and reading about the colors that they are to wear on certain days and moaning about it. Boy is she in for a rough next 14 years or so!


Balisha said…
What is your first knitting project? I need to start knitting that I'm home bound.