Never slurp vinegar!

That dear husband of mine came home from the grocery store excited about vinegar. First of all, yes, he does the grocery shopping most of the time. After all, he is the one that is in town all the time and I would NEVER even think to buy VINEGAR, much less be excited about it. He sets them on the counter and wants me to taste test the difference between the vinegars. Trying hard to feign interest in his little scientific experiment/carnival act, but extremely wary, he pours the first vinegar and I taste it. Not a vinegar fan, it is ok...tastes like vinegar. THEN he pours about a half teaspoon of the PLATINUM vinegar and I taste/slurp that. Immediately I am coughing and wheezing, can't breathe on the dining room floor. I manage to crawl and claw my way to the bathroom because as the coughing subsides, the gagging takes over. Sorry to be so graphic, just beware...don't slurp vinegar. Next time he wants me to taste test something it better have chocolate on the label and next time something platinum enters this house, it better fit my finger! That was Monday night and my sinuses still hurt! I have managed to finish a few projects.
The string on the side is a painted shoelace that I am going to use to string the checkers on .

Finally filled the ice skate that has been sitting on my paint table forever.

Another penny rug pillow. One more to go and that basket will be emptied.

Magazine holder...yard sale find for $1.

More finished pumpkins.

Dishclothes from the bus trip.

Old age alert. Yesterday was a killer day for realizing my age. First of all the day started off with an eye appointment. For the past five years, my contacts have been monovision. If you are not familiar with that, one eye is for distance and one eye is for close up. It has worked great for me so far. My glasses, however, five years old are not up-to-date, fashion wise or prescription so off to get new glasses and after conferring with the doc, the final analysis is......BIFOCALS! Nothing, not turning 40, 50, becoming a grandmother, dyeing my hair every three weeks, back problems, aches and pains, menopause, or a hysterectomy has spelled O-L-D to me more than bifocals! Vanity aside, they did tell me to get no-line ones (I hate to even spell the word again) So they are ordered, we won't mention that word again. The next problem came when I tried, dilated pupils, burning sinuses and all to load the software on to my computer for a new printer and a new program for printing at work. It would not work and I was literally close to tears of frustration over it all. I was so mad at myself as the tears came to my eyes. Crying over a computer? Am I crazy? Finally some very nice AMERICAN, English speaking, tech guy named Charlie bailed me out and took over my computer on-line and fixed everything. I love when they do that, just log in to my computer and fix it and explain to me on the phone while I munch down a Snickers bar what you are doing. Chocolate fixes everything! Please make a note of that, John....chocolate not VINEGAR!
Final laugh of the day yesterday. Tyler came to visit us after pre-school. His favorite saying now is "School is not fun" I really hope that changes, could be a long 14 years or so. Anyway, he explained the "rules" to us. 1.) Never hide from a firefighter. 2.) Never take candy from strangers 3.) Never get in a car with a stranger and 4.) Never run onto a football field when I am naked. His father really needs to go back to work! The Mr. Mom thing is wearing thin.


ohiofarmgirl said…
Sounds like you had a hard day...hope today is better. Love your painted items too. dianntha
What a day! Love all your work......I love the skate! I painted one last year! Fun!
You are to funny...Stush does the shopping too so much so that a couple months ago I had to go and do it for some reason or another. Talk about shock, I mean I was standing in the grocery asisle with a box of aluminum foil in my hand hypervintalating over the $4.95 price on it!!! No wonder the Dollar Store is so popular!!! I don't miss doing it at all. Vinegar,Yuk!
Have a great day!
ps your painted magazine rack is so neat!
Gorgeous may I ask about the snowman and saltbox picture...IS IT FOR SALE...I'D LIKE IT...Seriously. It's beautiful and I'd love one.

Oh the 'eye' thing....been there so many times! I had bifocals on my last glasses years ago and then did the Lasik surgery. WORKED WONDERS. You will like the non-lines bifocals (sorry for repeating that ugly word!)

Isn't technology super that someone far away can get into your computer and 'fix it' - also very scary! Don't forget to UNCHECK the permission box for others to see your computer.

Hugs, karen
lisa said…
I love your work...I went through the same thing with bifocals..I had the hysterectomy and the whole turning 50 didn't bother me...but when they said bifocals it validated me getting older...UGH..This last year I was taking my glasses off to read because I felt the bifocals were not needed.I was reading just fine with out the glasses, so when I went to get new glasses I told the doctor that I was fine without them and she said I needed stronger ones..Told her NOPE don't need them...See I still had not accepted them..So I got new glasses and no bifocals...first time I sat to do the bills I couldn't see!!! I need stronger bifocals..still have not gone back to get the lenses changed...I have to admit to the doc that she was right and I was wrong...And I wouldn't accept the professionals opinion! I had no line bifocals and I love them..I have an eye appointment so I can get my eyes checked and put those darn bifocals back in my lenses...It's hard I know...(((HUGS)))) Lisa
Char said…
OH, you had me laughing out loud!!!...that was just too funny!...sorry.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your paintings!...I seriously can NOT get enough of them!...are they all for sale?!...I love that ice skate...and I need it!...LOL
you're Funny!! ;)

Love your projects...all of 'em are just so wonderful!

Have a wonderful day.
pammyjo said…
I'm really like your projects and the quilt show post. I would so love to go there. As ususal, LOL at your vinegar post. Do you sleep? How do you do so much? I'm so intrigued. Giggle! I've been lagging in my blog rounds. I'm so glad I stopped by here first. XX
cwa said…
Thank you for the wise advice. I will definitely never slurp vinegar, and I will absolutely never run naked onto a football field. Those truly are good rules to live by.

Your new projects are just wonderful. I continue to be in awe of your painting talent. Thanks again for letting us ooh and ahh over your creations. Blessings to you.
I'm crying but it's not because of my computer!!! Your post just cracked me up!!! I got some strange looks when I busted out laughing!!

Love all your painted items. Just wonderful!
Balisha said…
I laughed at that last remark from your little boy.
You should have a super sale with all your creations. What a whiz you are!
Betsy said…
Beautiful projects. You are so talented. I really wish I could paint.

Have a great day.

luv2teek said…

Love the checkerboard--and the entertaining stories! Smiles...Bev
Amber said…
I love how all your projects turned out! I really like that checkerboard!
"Progressives" my dear, the name of the new "b" word lenses. I've had the "P" lenses for about 5 years...did I say that...ouch I think I'm going to check. My eyes went downhill really fast after my 4th decade, and my arm started "getting longer"! I vowed along time ago to never say the "b" word, I'm very happy with innovation!
I also will promise never ever to run naked into a football field! Grandchildren make life fun, don't they?
Great projects, beautiful painting, I love your penny pillow, of course, and I'm very fond of your checkerboard!