Paint Saturday, Sew Sunday.

Finished all these items yesterday afternoon and evening. These were in the basement already, Lazy me just put them in this box to take the pic, the background of the actual basement would have scared most people.
Some more paper flag items.

And a repeat of the cupboard painting from a couple of weeks ago. I really liked it, hope that someone else likes it enough to buy it at the open house.

And a few snowman items.

Today I am determined to clean up the mess of stuffed "pumpkins" that is growing beside my recliner. I have been sewing and stuffing them for about a week now and right now they look like a bunch of light blue snowballs growing there. First I am going to try to catch up on some of your blogs. For some reason about the third or fourth one that I try to load every day has been freezing up the internet for me. Frustrating? Yes. Off to try again.


pammyjo said…
Cathy these items are just wonderful. I love the tags and cloths pins below. I swear ... I just did an altered art clothes pin for my daughter's birthday. LOL Great minds think alike. LOL
pammyjo said…
Cathy - OMGosh, I just did an altered art large clothes pin for my daughter, LOL. Great minds think alike. Love you newly painted items, they are fabulous.
Suzanne said…
Such cute creations!
You sure have been busy...such great painting you do, love the patriotic!
cwa said…
Oh my gosh, all your new stuff is wonderful, as usual. I like it all, but I am especially fond of the flag items. Thanks for letting us see them. Blessings to you.
ohiofarmgirl said…
The pineapple is just wonderful. you do have talent! Dianntha