Saturday, September 5, 2009

Things my Mother has made for me.

This has to be an incomplete post. My mother has made so many things for me and right now many of them are packed away with my Christmas items and one of the biggest items, the king size quilt that is on our bed, is currently being slept under by my husband who isn't wide awake at 5:00 on a Saturday morning. Oh to have the sleep patterns of a man.
First item, this tied cheater's cloth flannel blanket that lays on my recliner year round. This would be my "blankie" if I had to have one. It is so soft and worn and the perfect size. The quilt on top is one that my Mom gave to me not long ago. She said it was some sort of experiment with her quilter's group. I loved the colors and claimed it. The quilt underneath it is my only attempt at a full-size quilt and was done many, MANY years ago.
This wall hanging, another experiment. Iloved it and claimed it also. This pic is actually sideways, forgot to turn it.

Placemats, and when I got these out, I thought of how many things my Mom has made for me that I have wore out. Her items seemed to get used so much and sometimes I feel bad when I wear them out.

Wall hanging in my bathroom.

Chicken scratch tablecloth.

And this pillow. This sits on the couch in our bedroom. I think it is the most intricate thing that she has ever done.

Close up of the stitches.

This was a wallhanging and I decided to make it into a pillow.

I'll have to have Part 2 of this post when I get my Christmas items out.
Today, John and I are taking Tyler and Logan to the Pittsburgh Zoo. I am more than a little nervous about this outing. Meltdowns occur frequently with kids and somehow I don't seem to have a problem dealing with them except when they occur simultaneously with a 51 year old's meltdown. They will all be getting pep talks on how to deal with the day, so much work being the woman, maybe that is why we don't sleep?


lisa said...

Your mother made wonderful quilts...they keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter...My mother made alot of quilts for me and one is very special.My mom sewed all my clothes and she made a quilt out of all the scraps. I love to cuddle under it and say this piece was a dress, shirt, pants and ect. I have her oil paintings all over my home. They are precious to me as she is not here with me anymore but with Jesus. She taught me to cook..I have a kitchen aid mixer that she taught me to cook with...I love using it..Oh this has brought wonderful memories..Thank you for sharing your quilts...Lisa

Laurie said...

How beautiful Cathy, what a great treasure trove of special heirlooms and memories! Keep sharing, I'd love to see more!

Mary said...

Your mom does beautiful work, I can see where you get your talent from. Good luck at the zoo!