This and That

Three days without blogging, I have some serious catching up to do. If I wasn't behind enough, yesterday I woke up with some nasty flu type bug that really knocked me down for the day.
Tuesday night I felt fine and we had out Knitting Field Trip to Smicksburg, PA. I know that I mentioned this little shop before and really, I am not getting any payment for mentioning it again, but I am just so happy to have a nice little yarn/fabric shop close by that I have to keep telling about it! Our field trip was to Cozy Comforts in Smicksburg. The owner agreed to stay late until we could all (three of us) get there. Hopefully, our shopping habits made it worthwhile for her to stay the extra time. They have a nice selection of fabrics and yarns at reasonable prices and great samples to inspire!

We were even treated to this wonderful view and sunset on the way home.
I am always truly amazed at God's glory

This is the yarn that I bought Tuesday night and the hat that I finished yesterday in my confinement to the couch. I love this yarn. Not much of a yarn connoisseur, I am realizing that the more that you spend on it, the nicer it is to work with. Not that this was expensive by any means but it is a notch up from what I normally have been using.

The grandchildren events for the week. Tuesday I was admonished by the preschool teacher. As she held up Tyler's backpack by her face to shield him from seeing what she was saying, she sternly whispered to me, "NEVER again tell Tyler that you are picking him up from preschool and taking him to work with you, we did not have a good morning with him because he could not wait for you to pick him are welcome to pick him up anytime, just don't tell him again, EVER" Haven't been chewed out by a preschool teacher in awhile! The words from dear hubby, "I TOLD YOU SO!" Oops!
Logan's wisdom of the week. Tuesday he was sitting on my lap cleaning out my middle desk drawer (one of his favorite activities, there apparently is a lot of fun for kids in pens and pencils and paper clips) He found all the change in there and laid it up on the edge of my desk. He would move it around and then fold his hands, move it around and fold his hands. Finally I asked, "Logan, what are you doing?" He looked at me with all the seriousness of a two year old and explained, "I am playing cards." Seriously, I need to have a talk with his parents.


Amber said…
I had to giggle about the preschool incident! Bad Cathy!!!

I think that little hat is so cute! That yarn is such a nice shade.

Have a good day!
Char said…
Hey girlie...that flu bug hit here too!...I have been down and out for almost 3 days now!...just starting to feel somewhat (I use that term loosely) better! is it a doozie!

I love that snowman tea kettle!...I love all your paintings though!
Suzanne said…
Love the hat and the tole work. What a blessing to live near to your grandchildren so that you can have special days with them. Lucky you! That's worth all the chewing out a teacher can administer!
cwa said…
Beautiful sunset photos. Your little hat is so cute. Those colors are great, and it is very stylish. My college age daughter got a handmade hat from a friend for Chrismas a couple of years ago and was thrilled. All of that group of friends likes to wear their hats when they go shopping together. With your pretty little hat, you would fit right in. Blessings to you.
Lesley said…
Hi Cathy, don't breathe up my way, I don't want your flu. LOL
Love your story about the Preschool teacher, and that tea kettle is so cute. You are really becoming quite a knitter too I see.
Hope you feel better soon.
Carol K said…
That sunset WAS spectacular. I really like the way the yarn worked for the hat....nice job. I am sure you have another started by now!!!