Cuban Cab Drivers, Feet Issues

Another out of the way place that John wanted to eat at. They were on the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and we had the address and the hotel arranged for the cab. A little better grasp on the English language might have been helpful, but with the little Spanish that I know and the little English that he knew, we found this place. I know at some point he had to be thinking we were really silly gringos wanting to be left at this place when there were plenty of restaurants close by, but we made it there and it was probably the best BBQ and the best macaroni and cheese that I have ever had. The name of the place is the Always Smokin' Joint. I would go back!

That is John waiting on a cab to pick us up and take us back.

Love these little shotgun houses.

We were left off at the French Market and browsed a little but they were actually closing up.
We'll go back tomorrow.

Some random pics around the French Quarter.

Beignets at Cafe du Monde. A big rain storm started and that is where we waited it out.

Finished off the night at Mulate's again for their bread pudding. I have eaten way too much this week.
And the feet issues. My feet are killing me, even after switching to better, comfortable shoes and buying insoles. I am actually taking Advil for my sore feet. Just a lot of walking and not to be complaining, however..this foot issue really bugged me. Graphics artists can be a weird lot. This one took the cake. He sat two seats away from me in class yesterday and proceeded to remove his flip flop and pick his feet! Why?
Our trade show ended today. It was the SGIA show and it should have been for screenprinting. It was a bit of a disappointment though, it catered more to high end digital printing than screenprinting, but we learned a lot anyway. It was worth coming to it.
One more day and then home on Sunday afternoon.


Hi, Cathy,
It looks like you are having a fabulous time. This something that Scott and I would enjoy...eating at an out-of-the way place...a mom and pop establishment...
Can't wait to hear more! ~Natalie
Lesley said…
Hi Cathy and John. By your stories you are having a lot of fun and doing things besides the trade show.
Enjoying your photos and stories.
Hope the rest of your time in N.O. is wonderful and safe travel home.
Yikes to the picking of the feet.
luv2teek said…
Looks like a neat place to visit...sans the feet picking! Yum--love bread pudding!

Oh, I'd love to go there I've read so much about the place. Sorry your feet are killing you but I'm sure it was all worth it! Really enjoyed your posts on this trip!
Carol K said…
Great stories from New Orleans.....and I LOVE the photo of the beignets. I had the same "my feet are killing me" last time we were in the Keys. Hope they feel better now.