What a week.

It has been a long time since I was this happy for a work week to be over. I have had computer issues all week. I had to install an ink jet printer and software to make it have postscript capabilities. Confusing? Yes! I have used a laser printer for years and it will already print dots for halftones necessary in screenprinting and the latest (well in truth it has probably been out more years than I care to think about) trend now is to use ink jet printers. Well, the entire week where the computer and printer were concerned was a tribute to Murphy's Law in action. Of course to repeat the entire process would be a complete yawner, as if the first two sentences didn't lose you. Defensive as I am, I feel that there were other forces of discrimination at work here, that being the bulk of graphic designer/artist's/computer people in in the screenprinting industry are 1.) men 2.) young men 3.) not very often women 4.) not very often "older" women 5.) not very often older women that need the "B" word in their glasses 6.) rarely grandmothers with no less than three children under the age of 4 populating their office. Above all, I feel sure that the four younger male computer/screenprinting techs that I talked to have never heard, muffled as I tried to hold my hand over the receiver 1.) TYLER!!!! NO!!!! YOUR #48 JIMMIE JOHNSON CAR DOES NOT NEED TO HIT THE 14 FOOT CEILING AND IF IT HITS THE EIGHT FOOT FLUORESCENT LIGHT BULB YOU ARE GOING TO GET HURT REALLY BAD!!! and 2.) That is a really pretty snowstorm that you are creating Logan by ripping up that Styrofoam but could you please stop now? or 3.) Could someone get me Kendall's burp cloth? She just spit up all over me. It was hard to remain professional through it all and most of all, I felt sure that the whole mess was not due to my lack of knowledge or outside distractions. On Friday, finally, when I assertively, through clenched teeth came diplomatically unglued on the person that I bought the printer from over the phone with threats to box it up and send it back (along with a few other ladylike subliminal threats) and not pay the invoice, he managed to do some REAL checking and found out that none of this problem was my fault it was a combination of software and hardware issues that would not ever work on my system. REALLY?!

Thanks for allowing that vent...on to happier things!

I did manage to finally finish that basket of penny rug pillows that I have been working on for the last two months. This is the last one and the hat is another knitting night project. I am back to hats and scarves again for my recliner time. Having distributed all the ones from last winter, I need to restock the stash of them for later in the winter and next year. I think that this one needs a pom-pom. It is on the "list" for today.

Also managed to sneak in two yard sales while I was out on a delivery. Set of pillowcases $2 and this aluminum pan. I don't know much about these type of pans but they really fascinate me. I have painted quite a few of them, hope that I am not destroying valuable antiques...they are just always so cheap at yard sales and they paint up nice and sell. At the other sale I found a new Pampered Chef dish that I picked up for Jenn and a set of candle holders for me. They have not made it out of the car "stash"
As usual, I have this huge list of things that I want to accomplish for the day, but I have a baby shower at 11 and an anniversary party at one. Shawnee and Gracelyn are to come up this afternoon and the biggest goal is to clean up Candyland, as John has dubbed my sewing room. There are at least 60 candy canes in progress all over that room. I can't stand it anymore, it has to be cleaned up today.


Those little covered dishes are so neat. I really liked the one that was in your guest bedroom that we stayed in. I never see those kinds of things here! Can't wait to see what you do with it.
OMGOSH I feel so bad for you...all that frustration and the phone calls to the tech.
Sounds like the same senerio for me yesterday with my cell phone. Must have been in the air!
cwa said…
It takes real courage to be a sophisticated, talented, wise woman in a young man's world. Sometimes, they are just a bunch of smarty pants. I have met very few men that could actually cope with all the juggling involved in a woman's day. You are a credit to the fairer sex. Sorry your week was so frustrating, but at least it did make a really funny story. Blessings to you.
Lois said…
Hi Cathy!
Wow...I don't know how you stay so calm...snicker, snicker...
Just kidding!
I am glad Friday finally got here for you. It sounds like you really needed it.
I hope you have a better go of it next week.