Can someone please tell me...

why I cannot view some blogs and cannot post on others? I want to leave comments and read all about what everyone is doing. The first blog that I click on comes up and sometimes I can leave a comment on that one. Another might open and by then will not take comments. By the time that I try to open the third one, it freezes the computer. I close each one before I open another one. Just as a side note, it is doing this on the laptop and my desktop. What the heck is going on?

In the spirit of that question, I would like to relate part of my day yesterday. At 7 in the morning I was cleaning a guest room for our friend, Bob. John had to make a run to Zanesville, Ohio to pick up an order early this AM and Bob was going to ride along to keep him company. Back to the story, I hear this exceptionally loud banging on my door. I run to the door in cleaning apparel, arms crossed to cover the front of my shirt, you guessed it, no bra cleaning that was and it is a member of the fire company. He tells me that they had a 911 call from a cell phone and the coordinates came up to my house. Immediately I ask him if they were at my MIL's who lives in the backyard (she loves when I say that) and they did and she was fine. They checked on the neighbor two house down and she was fine. Now they have not checked on the semi-hermit neighbor right next door and she is inside a locked chain link fence. I run upstairs and grab enough clothing to cover my lack of proper undergarments and head to the neighbor's house where the ambulance, firemen and the state police have gathered. John is not home from the gym yet and he is the one that this neighbor seems to gravitate towards when she needs help. After a brief discussion between the state trooper and I about which one of us is going over the fence which involved two factors 1.) You are what? 20 something? and I am what? not 20 something? and 2.) You have punched a time clock this morning and I have not. He went over the fence and when he reached the front door, he heard her yelling. The firemen cut the lock from the fence and I went in next, telling the state trooper that she had a dog before he pried open the door. Long story short, and it is a very long story of how people live and how you can have neighbors and not really know what is going on inside their home, after everyone pulled out, the ambulance, the firemen, several people that stopped to help and all that was left was John and I and the state trooper, I said. "What about Kelly (the dog)? and the trooper looked at me and said "I don't know" and left. So now, me the not so compassionate about dogs person, is taking care of an aging, smelly, Husky/Shepard mix dog that can barely walk and was in this house for apparently four to five days without food or water. Does God really have this much of a sense of humor?
So yesterday's events were, pet the dog and talk to her, try to help her up at which point she snapped at me, so I got her water and food and she drank three bowls of water (at which point I actually felt the stir of compassion enter my heart and felt bad for the dog. Left her alone for a little bit and then went back and checked and talked to her some more. At this point, when I asked her if she wanted to go out, I saw in her eyes that she did and she very slowly, staggering all the way made it to the door and out. Leaving work to check on her several times and giving her food and water throughout the day, I went back again at four to try to get her in the house. (Didn't really want to do that after dark, part of the REST of the story, that would have to be related somewhere other than this venue) She was not budging, it was as if to say, "No, I was in there for all those days, I don't want to go back and besides my master is gone I am going to be lonely" and while this stirred a little compassion, it was not enough for me to take her to my house, sorry dog lovers, I could not do it. Digging through the house I found a bag of bacon bits, took them out and gave her a taste and then coaxed her back in the house with them. I am sure the sight of me walking backwards with my hand held out the this staggering dog following me was quite the spectacle for the 90, 000 or so cars that went be during what seemed like an eternity for her to walk across the yard. I will be going to the store and buying bacon bits today, who knows how long I will be dog sitting now?

There is a lot more to this disturbing story that has caused me to take note of what kind of neighbor I am? what to do next? what boundaries not to cross and so on.

So any advice of neighboring, aging crippled dogs, and how to get Blogger to work will be greatly appreciated!


I know its not funny, but I did giggle a bit reading your story!! As far as getting blogger to work...I need an answer too. Sometimes I can get my blog to open up but when I click on other blogs, nothing happens. Can't comment either. I finally give up trying. I don't mean to be a bad blog friend but my time and patience runs out and I just give up.

The neighbor issue, well, we have a neighbor beside our office that sounds like yours. She has a couple of dogs too. We have even called animal control a couple of times because we didn't think they were being feed. Anyway, all you can do is speak, ask if there is anything she needs and see if she will allow you to help. Probably won't let you but at least you offered.

Now the dog issue is different for me. I love dogs and would do most anything to help them. Not what you wanted to hear, huh? LOL!!!

Have a great day!! Now let's see if this post will save....
Balisha said…
No advise on your blog issues,,,,what happened to your neighbor? We don't always know what is going on next door.We hear on the news about that quiet man who kept to himself.I hope that you can find someone in her family to come and get the dog.
Amber said…
Wait. I'm confused. Was there a fire at your neighbor's house?

As far as your blogging problems, I'm unsure about what's going on. I had some problems about a year ago where none of the blogs I read would update on my end. Brad messed around with our computer settings and then it worked again. Good luck.
Does sound like a very crazy day. What happend to the lady inside? Sounds like the dog has had enough of living with her or is greving becasue she is gone. I would just check on the dog and buy more bacon bits. Does she have relatives you can contact. Wow i feel so bad for you. I hope it all turns out. And soon..

Big Hugs
Suzanne said…
Oh my. There's not much to say to all of that. Just -- oh my. Well, I will wish you luck. Hope your neighbor is feeling better and back in her home soon.
Meggie said…
Good...ness! What a dilemma with your neighbor's dog. I AM a dog person but feel you are in quite a pickle with the dog being old and rather unsocial. Good luck, Cathy! About blogger...I have a ton of issues myself, especially with photos. Mine download in the opposite order...go figure. I get so annoyed after I comment on one blog because it doesn't take me back to my blog or another blog without a bunch of trouble. What I have done to circumvent the problem is closeout each blog when I'm finished commenting, go back to MY blog (that I have in "My favorite places" and start all over again...choosing another blog to visit. Sounds like a pain but it saves lots of time. Hope this helps. Just know that you are not alone with your blogger frustrations.