Have you heard the saying?

Do you want to hear God laugh? Tell him your plans.
Well that would be the theme of last Wednesday through Sunday in my life.

Update on my neighbor: After I contacted the sister from the name in her cell phone, I started receiving calls from the family that she was estranged from and to their credit, they took over and on Saturday they came and took Kelly (the dog) back with them. Not before I was calling myself the Dog Whisperer. Kelly is old and was not in good shape on Wednesday was even worse, but through water and food (I found out she really liked tuna fish and eggs) and lots of talking and petting and conversation, by Friday she was coming to the door when I called her and going into the house at the end of the day on her own. It required lots of Lysol wipes, air freshener, hand sanitizer, Vicks up my nose and many showers and washing of my hair. On Friday, Tyler looked at me and said "Grandma Cathy, what is wrong with your hair? Do you need a haircut?" Children can be so brutally honest.

John had a big delivery and had to rent a truck which required a lot of time away from the shop last week so we got behind on orders there. I had Gracelyn and Kendall on Monday, Tyler at the shop on Tuesday, Logan and Tyler at the shop off and on Thursday and Friday. We are so behind at work, luckily though Jenn is almost caught up with her end of the work.

Two jewelry parties in the evenings last week. My daughter sells Lia Sophia jewelry and while I love it and want it all, three parties in two weeks really has my jewelry box well stocked for now! If you have never seen this jewelry take a look at

Friday night had us packing and getting ready to go to Ohio to lay a tile floor for my Mom and Dad. Saturday, 5 AM off to Ohio and we had the tile laid by noon. At that point I took the chance to do some Christmas shopping while I was there and even got it all wrapped last night.
I did manage to squeeze in some knitting. Finished this hat.

And another dish cloth. The open house depleted my stock of these. This one still needs steamed and blocked.

And this was my project in the truck on the way to Ohio. I love this yarn, it is so soft and I love the way it stripes. I made Shelby and hat and scarf out of it and Shawnee mentioned pink and gray, although this is more green than gray, we'll have to see if she likes it. Dianna. I have two more skeins, I didn't forget you!

Another project that I finished was this shower gift. At the point I took this picture, I could not find my camera so this was taken with John's new Blackberry that he is addicted to and I am jealous. I want one also. Obviously not for the picture quality though. The funny story of this project. The tavern board was all done and I was ready to put the varnish on when I realized that it said 2009 and the wedding is January 2....sand, repaint, how could I be so dumb?

And the basket for the cards. I found this basket at Hazen on Molly's first trip to Hazen. It was new, still had the tags on it. Molly wondered what I was going to do with it. I told her at that point, maybe it would be Alicia's shower gift. Well, it was actually her card basket for the shower that I had to miss on Saturday because my Mom and Dad's toilet leaked into their kitchen and that sent us into the chain reaction of a new floor.

The top of the basket.
Card basket
I had big plans last week to finish the boys' quilts for their bedrooms and get my house in order from the open house and REST! I am not even making a list for this week, well maybe just a little list.
My deal of the week. There are jeans that I love from Macy's but thrifty (cheap) as I am, they are just a little too pricey for me. I watch for them to go on sale and Saturday night they were 40% off which would have taken them to about $28. Still high for what I like to pay for jeans but I thought I would splurge. I have bought these before and they are the ones that I always grab. They are so comfortable. I took them to the checkout and they rang up at $14! I told the woman that it was not right and she tried and tried to rescan them and they kept coming up to $14. She told me that she was going to have to sell them to me for that and I ran (literally) back to the rack and got another pair. What a find? I think that Kelly was sending me good vibes and looking out for her Dog Whisperer!


pammyjo said…
OMGosh ... you make me weary. LOL You are my hero of getting things done. I've had some problems leaving comments too. Seems to be better this weekend. Well, I hope the floor tile goes well, if you'd keep driving west you'd end up in Illinois and could come visit. Have a great week.
Wow How can you do all that. That made me so tired just reading all you did. And You did such a great job with your neighbor and her dog. You are a great neighbor. You will get extra points from the man up there!!!!!! Sounds to me you need a little R and R now.

Have a wonderful week

Hugs Pam
I think you are wonder woman and dog whisperer!!! How do you do it all? And yes, I hear God laugh alot...seems there are always a change in MY plans. LOL!!! Have a great week!!
Lesley said…
If only I had half the energy and you work too. Where do you find the time is what I want to know?? or do I???
Love your stories and all your inspiring pieces of artwork. If I start another hobby I would have to move....now that's a thought. LOL
Laurie said…
What a list! And what a great price on the jeans, I would have gone back for more too. It's your reward for all you did for the dog. Glad it all turned out good.
Molly Griffith said…
Forgot to tell you that I got David and Alicia a Christmas bulb that says, "Just Married", but they won't be married yet. Great job with Kelly. Now I know who to leave Winston with next time . . . oh, wait. Next time we hope to be with you and John! IN THE SOUTH somewhere warm and beachy.
Balisha said…
Whoa....slow down,I can't keep up with you. LOL You get so much accomplished in a day....I'm jealous. Balisha
Meggie said…
Wow! I was exhausted just reading about all you have accomplished. So happy that Kelly was rescued and you no longer have to be the Dog Whiperer, although you get an A+ in my book for you efforts.