Four words that strike fear.

These words always manage to strike fear in my husband.
"I found this recipe..."

This time was not an exception. I found this recipe, or rather my MIL found this recipe and since the computer that she found it on will no longer link to the printer, (long story involving a four year old that wanted to print out his Imagination Mover pictures that he created online) she sent it to my email for me to print out. Actually to be honest, she sent several recipes, a JC Penney online purchase receipt and a Walmart site to store pick-up paper all while I am trying to print out a five color seperation job for shirts that needed done last week, and NEEDED them immediately as only a 70 plus year old prioritizes. Can't wait until I get there.

Not to digress, but while I am glad that my MIL stays current and can surf the web, shop online and keep up with about 100 friends on Facebook, there has to be a special jewel in the crown in heaven for anyone that teaches someone over 70 years old to use the computer. At one point in the five year long process, I actually used a highlighter on the screen after the two zillion post-it notes of directions did not work.

Back to the recipe. As the recipes came out, this one for pumpkin praline cake looked so yummy and because I have friends coming to lunch today, I thought I would tackle that this morning. Long story short, every window and door in my downstairs was open by 6:15 trying to clear out the smoke and my dear husband's parting comment as he walked out the door for the shop where I am sure he is trying to recuperate from some bug that he thinks he is getting was "Good grief, Cathy, it is just a cake. Babies can bake cakes in plastic ovens with light bulbs. What is wrong with you?" Then, "I am going to the shop, if I hear the fire whistle and see an orange glow, I am going to turn up the radio louder and ignore it, just so you know" Well!

I took pictures of the smoke, and the cute little hat that I finished for Gracelyn and the tea towel that I embroidered, but for some reason the cord won't work on the camera. It is going to be one of those days.

Molly and Kim, please ignore the smoky smell in my house and maybe now when I say, "Let's just go the restaurant." you will understand why.

Back to cooking/baking. Honestly, I used to bake and cook. Cookies, cakes, even some pies. Full meals and I have cooked for crowds of people. I don't know what happened. I think that I got rusty in the kitchen. Maybe I just don't make it a priority any more. My husband loves to tell the story of the turkey that I put in the oven and then decided to make new curtains for the family room. Maybe a good dose of Ritalin would help.


tegdirb92 said…
your post made me chuckle--thanks fo that :) Happy Thanksgiving!
Oh my you poor thing. LOL What a day you are having. I sure hope it gets better.

Have a wonderful holiday

I know how you feel, I can follow and recipe to the T and it can turn out like crap, that's why I never do it except for Thanksgiving I do make the pies:)
PS Wonderful that your 70 year old MIL is on a computer!
Now I don't feel so bad for burning the TWO batches of cookies yesterday. I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one! A pumpkin praline cake really does sound good though. Try it again only put your hubby in charge of watching it in the oven.
Grandma Nina said…
Hi Cathy,
I always blame too many distractions, taking care of too many people, and trying to do too much at once. Men only have to take care of themselves. They don't understand.
Yes, you are a saint with the MIL
I'm not supposed to be laughing, am I? Sorry, can't help it...but I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH you!!!! Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!!
Lois said…
Cathy you always bring a smile to my face. Your good for me and keep me happy. Why do husbands always make the comments about flames and fire trucks when the baking goes wonky? We women would never do that if the oven mitts were on the other hand....would we?
LOL! Anyway that's why men invented self cleaning ovens.
Thanks for sharing.
I really got a laugh out of this post.