Sunday, November 22, 2009

Free weekend? Right!

This picture disappeared from the bottom of the page and since I have no idea how to move these pics we'll just have to deal with it here.
Let's see, a week ago, this was to be my almost "free" weekend. Those are very rare around here. The only thing planned was the girls and I had tickets for the Rockettes last night and dinner in Pittsburgh. Friday night, nothing, Saturday AM, nothing, Sunday, church and then nothing. Getting the picture?

I had wanted to have Gracelyn this week and the week just got away from me. I did see her on Tuesday when Shawnee and I took the kids bowling but it seems like I never get enough "alone" time with her so when Shawnee called at 4:30 on Friday asking for a last minute babysitter, I jumped at the chance to have Gracelyn and enjoy her. Saturday AM, should have found me cleaning house for the company that is showing up later today but instead I ran Gracelyn home and then on to town for the list that had been compiling here and a little fashion retail therapy. Arriving home just in time to at least get the sheets changed on the bed for the company and get ready to leave for Pittsburgh...still no house cleaning. The girls and I had a very nice evening in Pittsburgh last night. The Rockettes are a great show and the Benedum is such a beautiful venue. I am truly blessed to have four beautiful girls and to be able to have them enjoy one another as family, despite the "step" factor!

Today finds me off to church and then to an Open House with an old friend that I recently re-connected with and realized that we have a mutual friend. Nina at is having the Open House today and through a mass email, I realized that my "new" blog friend is also a friend of an "old" friend of mine. New and Old here have no correlation to AGE, mind you.

Still don't have the house cleaned.

I did finish this scarf this week for Shawnee. That was on an all-night, coffee at supper, induced insomnia. Dumb!

And this tavern board that I needed to finish for an order for a wedding on Saturday. That was a Friday AM finish. Just in time.

John and Dianna ran in another 5k on Saturday morning. His fourth, her first. While they were running, Jenn took these pics with my camera. I know that there is an untapped artistry somewhere in her brain.

Love this one, just not sure what to do with it.

And the runners! Both had great times. John has taken eight minutes off his 5k run time this summer.

Where did that picture go of them? It was here a minute ago! Hmmm, guess I'll have to post it somewhere else.

Now off to clean. Not that I would normally do that on a Sunday Am, but the weekend is getting away from me and I need to get something accomplished. Wonder how upset that sleeping husband of mine is going to be when he hears the sweeper? Well, it is HIS friend that is coming to stay for bear camp, how can he be mad about that?


Grandma Nina said...

It was so great to see you again on Sunday. Thanks so much for coming on your "free" weekend. It is so hard to find those weekends anymore, isn't it? I don't see one coming my way until after the New Year.
Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Lois said...

Hey Cathy!
I had to laugh when I read this blog. I have, for the last week, put off cleaning. We had our brohters and sisters Christmas dinner and gift exchange last night at our home. All week I have been saying, I need to clean, I need to clean but I didn't. Sure enough Saturday morning came along and I really had to clean. LOL! I did quiet cleaning until 10AM and then I turned the vaccum on. Hubby John wasn't pleased but I had warned him the night before that that was going to happen. Anyway the house got cleaned and we had a great evening.
I'm hoping you got through your cleaning and had time for a hot cup of tea.
Have a good week.