My Weekend

Just as a general disclaimer, some of this might have influenced the following pictures. Aunt Shelby on the swing with all four kids. This is a very hard shot to get, all four of them in one shot. The lollipops might have helped.
"Are you really sending me out in public in this get-up?"

Final touches for the garden gnome.

Mario would have no part of a moustache.

But Tyler/Luigi loved his!

Kendall/Mermaid Girl got her first lollipop this year. She LOVED that! Her little tongue was moving so fast to lap that up.

And after the costumes came off...Hey, Hey I Wanna Be a Rock Star. The pics are blurry, there was that much action. The big kids were fighting with the little kids for the "toys".

And at midnight when they all left, Tyler was asleep in our bed and I said,"Just leave him here, I'll bring him home in the morning." This shot is about 7:30 in the morning after we have watched Tom and Jerry, read all four I Spy Books, played with Play-Doh and now we "need" to mix pancakes. He was awake at 5:30 and ready to go, after he ground his teeth all night. Needless to say, Grandma slept through the sermon.

Saturday morning between dusting and cleaning, I did get some more items ready for the Open House. Digging for something else, I found these shoe stretchers that I had bought at some point, thinking that I would do something with them. After I cleaned off the cobwebs and a few spiders, I turned them into this.

Loved this wagon wheel when I found it...finally did something with it.

And the shovel that John insisted that I buy at a yard sale this past summer.

I have a huge ATOH list...that would be After The Open House list. One of the items is to catch up with all of you on your blogs. It has been too long since I have just sat and read them.
If any of you live close enough, I would love to have you stop by this weekend. Please email me if you want directions.


Balisha said…
Those kid pictures are so precious. What a houseful of fun.
I don't live near, but if I did...I would be there. Good luck for a successful sale.If the weather cooperates you will have a busy day. So many wonderful things to choose from. It's been fun, being in on your progress...brought back lots of memories.Even got me to start thinking crafts again. Have a successful sale.
Balisha ((HUGS))
Goodness gracious, those costumes are hilarious and completely adorable.
I'm so so tempted to take a roadtrip up to visit your open house. I don't know yet what's going on with us this weekend but I might just be asking you for directions later this week. It would be nice to meet the other Cathy. :)
Amber said…
Oh, I LOVE that wagon wheel! Absolutely love it!

You are such a good grandma, Cathy! You're always doing such fun things with your grandkids! How lucky they are to have you!