Many, many thanks!

A chain of events lead to this happening. My closet that I normally stash the Christmas presents in was completely full of all the generous donations of yarn for the Dominican Republic. In order to stash the Christmas presents, I had to clean out the yarn, so last night we (my knitting friends, Carol and Tina and myself) proceeded to pack the yarn. It was actually fun to touch it all and we packed it in "projects" matching skeins and putting them in large ziploc bags, using our own form of vacuum packing which led Tina to wish that she had worn sweatpants. Please note that there are no pics of the calisthenics required by somewhat middle aged women to kneel, press and contort to get all the air out of ziploc bags. Packed and ready to go. I just have to tag them with what is in them for customs and they can be "stored" at the church until the trip in January!
Thank-you to everyone that so generously donated yarn and supplies! I really appreciate your taking the time to pack, ship, and get it to me! Thanks for being a part of this project.
Thank-you to my knitting friends for so graciously agreeing to give up part of our knitting night for this project.
Thank-you John for making us that great supper! I think that you may have started something though.


What a wonderful project!
You had a successful turnout of donations.
I can see the picture you are describing..i'm laughing out loud.
OMG, looks like it was a fun evening of friendship and laughter. A memory to last a lifetime. What better way to spend an evening.

The ladies in the Dominican Republic are going to be so blessed with this wonderful gift of warmth.

Thanks for sharing. Country hugs, Sherry
Patti said…
I'm glad that I could be a very small part of the project and I hope that it will bring some very needed income to the people you know and love. Patti
BurttBunch said…
I am such a bummer! I wanted to get yarn to you and I never did. I wanted to come to your open house and I never made it! I am horrible! Glad that you had a good amount of yarn!
NicNacManiac said…
WOW...such a fun evening you guys must of had!! I just returned from the DR and I know that your wonderful gift will be appreciated by so many!! You have a kind and generous soul!! Enjoy your evening!