More times than I want to admit

I find myself saying "What was I thinking?" and even more times my dear husband has said "What were you thinking?" This is one of those times. I have always wanted to do a home show, you know don't haul your stuff anywhere just show it in your house. All sounds good in theory, in reality....I need HELP!

My dear husband, who has signed up for another 5k, thought that dragging all my stuff out of the attic would count for a work-out tonight and it did apparently, he was sweating when he was done and while I am glad that it is all downstairs, in my grand plan at this point all my regular stuff would be upstairs....NOT! What a mess I have. I did get a few areas arranged and they look nice.

Everywhere else is mass chaos. I'd like to say it will all be better in the AM when Shawnee shows up to help, but Gracelyn and Kendall are coming with her, really, will we get anything done?

There is stuff that needs finished, stuff that needs glued, stuff that needs varnished and stuff that needs sewn yet. WOW!
The good news, and there is some. We had our first two sales tonight. Shawnee's MIL got first dibs by saying that she needed to bring her SIL tonight before she went out of town. Pam managed to get first pick BEFORE things were even out of the attic! And now she has her name on the blog! Thanks Ladies, that was a nice start!

I think I am going to bed, maybe there are Open House Fairies that will show up in the middle of the night and fix all this, or not, but at least with a little sleep it surely will look better!


Laurie said…
What a great idea Cathy, I wish I were close, I'd be there in a heartbeat! Not only to help arrange, but drop some money! I know you'll do great, your crafts are AWESOME!
Patti said…
Everything looks great so far and I have no doubt you will get it all done. Wish I didn't live so far away. Best of luck.
I have thought many times about doing a home show...but talked myself out of it. LOL! I'm sure it will come together and I wish I could come over and shop. I see a couple of items I would love to have!!! Hope you have a sell out!!!
pammyjo said…
I just know you can pull this together, and it will be super spectacular. The economy hurt our show last weekend, but I sold all my remainders at work. They went like hotcakes. It was a real blessing. Best wishes for a successful home show. P
Did the fairies come over night? :)
Don't worry everything will turn out great and you will have a great home sale")
Betsy said…
Good luck with your show. I'm sure you'll get it all worked out.
Have a great day.
Ann said…
Hang in there! I did this at my house last year and I feel your pain! My advice is to throw everything in the basement - I hope you have one! Our family room is down there so it was filled with extra furniture and "junk" from all my shelves while the show went on. It is fun - but my friend and I only do it everyother year. Let us know how it goes!~Ann
Balisha said…
Oh, I know just how you feel. Everything will be better in the morning. Just take one step at a time and delegate. I hope that you have a wonderful sale tomorrow. You will forget to breath during the sale...LOL.Tomorrow night, just relax. You've done a beautiful job on your painted things. Just bask in the praise tomorrow.
((HUGS)) Balisha
Grandma Nina said…
Oh my Cathy,
What a lot of work. It's looking nice, though.
I think we're still up for the trip to Smicksburg, but I think we'll have our two grandsons with us. Hopefully they're well behaved enough for me to make all my stops.
Hopefully we'll see you.
Good luck.
Lesley said…
Good Luck Cathy, I know it will all come together as it does in the end. Remember..... April/May when your surgery was just a few weeks before we arrived? I know you will pull it off and good luck. Wish I lived closer,I would be over for first dibs too.
Balisha said…
Thinking about how tired you must be this morning. Looking forward to hearing all about it.
Terry said…
Hope your show went well this weekend.
I wish I was closer too. I see several things I love.