Monday, November 30, 2009

My poor little sewing machine

is huffing and puffing. It thinks that it has just ran a marathon. I finally finished the tops of these quilts for the boys. What started as simple block bedspreads really morphed into something way bigger than I normally take on. I am sort of an "instant gratification crafter" and these were way out of my league. I was planning in the early stages to tie tack them but right now I have a call in to a machine quilter that I am hoping will take them on and get them done before Christmas. Is that too much to ask?
For right now I am going to give my machine a little cool down while I put away the basket of laundry that has been sitting here since Friday, run the sweeper, straighten up the house, get a shower and then it is back to the sewing room to make the curtains for the boys' bedroom, maybe some curtains for my sewing room, work on my ornaments for church, and oh how about the 15 or so painting orders that I took on for before Christmas. All that UNLESS the quilting lady calls and says, "I can get those done this week if you get them to me today" In that case I will be firing up my car and heading the 75 miles to her place, quilts in tow. That is in a perfect world!

Back to the real job tomorrow! Oh how real life puts a damper on my crafting productivity.


Balisha said...

That quilt is darling. Isn't it funny how a project will take on a life of itself? You did a wonderful job.

Mom2fur said...

She sounds like the "Little Sewing Machine That Could"! I hope you give her a nice cleaning and a brand new needle for all her excellent work. The quilt is amazing!

Meggie said...

The quilts are fabulous, Cathy! I hope you can get them finished at the quilters before Christmas.

Kimberly said...

Those are just beautiful! Give your machine a hug from me!
Blessings, Kimberly