Number 5!!!!!

Thanksgiving brought a joyous announcement to our home. We are expecting grandchild number FIVE next summer!!!!! Dianna and Travis announced the happy news Wednesday night. She reminded me that she is keeping her end up with what I asked for, a new baby every year for Christmas for the next eight years. I am such a glutton! How truly blessed I have been to have this loving, growing family.
Thanksgiving brought crafts to Gramma's this year. I found these foam trees at Pat Catan's a couple of weeks ago and thought that the kids would like them. I hope that this can continue as a tradition, it was fun. Of course we had to strip down to diapers and underwear for this event. Glitter Glue would have to be hard on clothing. How can she sit like this for so long? I would be in traction.
Tyler is probably the perfect age for this. He was so excited with craft time.

And Logan loved the Glitter Glue, making big piles of it on his tree.

Even Kendall got thrown in to the action, with Gracelyn, ever the little mother, trying to help her.

Finished this scarf on Thanksgiving morning. Since we have Thanksgiving on Wednesday night, John and I have Thursday to do whatever we want. It is always a day of much needed rest for us. I am embarrassed to tell you how much I slept. Let's just say it went something like this. Breakfast, tidy sewing room, lay out some ornaments, sleep, lunch, cut out some ornaments, sleep, supper, sew some ornaments, sleep, make a jello salad for today, sleep, sew, sleep, go to bed, sleep. Seeing a pattern here?
These are the boys crafts. They were left here to dry.
And the ornaments. Cathy at Cath's Pennie Designs was making an adorable candle mat and one of the elements was three button snowmen. If you have not checked out her patterns, you need to do that. They are wonderful designs! Anyway, as I was still drawing a blank for my ornaments for in my Christmas cards this year, this idea seemed perfect to me. Off to the button collections and digging through wool.

They are fun and every one is a little different. Right now they are hanging on my lamp at my chair. They still need steamed, but I like the way they are turning out. The first few were a little thin, so I cut a smaller oval out of blanket wool as sort of a batting for in them and now I like them better.

Fun TV work!

Today I am off to my cousins' house near Ohio. I have not been able to spend time with them in so long and I sort of invited myself to Thanksgiving. I am going to try a reprise of the cake this morning. Dear hubby has left for deer camp and I am sure this one will not burn as he is not here to witness the success.


pammyjo said…
What a fun tradition. Memories in the making. Darling idea with button ornments too.
I just love those ornaments, really adorable!
Have a wonderful day visiting and congrats to you on your newest grandbaby:)
congrats Grandma

The pictures of the grandkids are priceless. My son went with me to go shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and i hand to get down on the floor at the grocery store to get some cans from the bottom self in the back. And i couldn't get back up. He had to help me, so if i would sit like that i'd be done. LOL But kids can do anything. I only have 2 grandkids a boy and a girl. 9 and 5. I love those snowmen they are so cute.

Have a wonderful day
hugs Pam
Balisha said…
Hi ...Have a great day. Those pictures of the kids are precious. They are like Grandma...they really get into those crafts :)
Lois said…
Hi Cathy!
I have 3 brothers and they married 3 sisters. That was 37 some odd years ago and the families have all grown up together. Now because all of our familes are so big we share Christmas together the Sunday before Christmas day each year. Last year there were about 75 of us. I am in charge of the craft table and I love the idea of doing the Christmas trees.
Thanks for that great idea.
Hmmm.....unless I want 12 naked little ones running around the hall half naked I might not use glitter glue.....but then again I just might...LOL!
Thanks again Cathy!
Have a great week.
Oh oh ohhhhh! I see my name! I have to admit that I got the idea for the button snowmen last year from a "made in China" something that was at Pat Catans. Those Chinese sure are clever with the buttons! :)