Open House Pics

Some of these may be slight repeats from the last post, but we did manage to pull it all together and the show was a success! By Sunday AM, our three room display had shrunk to one room and everything was well picked over. We learned a lot and plan to do it bigger and better next year. It was a great experience, but tired? I was in bed at 7:40 last night and I think that I might have slipped into a bit of a coma!
1. I was able to meet two blogging friends face to face, Lois and Nina, it was great to meet both of you. Nina, your grandsons are adorable, I can only imagine how fun it would be to have them together with my grandsons, a little exhausting, but fun! Lois, hope that you had a great bike ride home, it was such a beautiful day.
2. The girls now have the crafting "bug" and are planning for next year and what fun to have a family project to work on.
3. The nice comments from everyone about how they were happy to buy handcrafted items and not Made in China things.
1. All the people that made comments about how "this shop will now be open all the time?" I am going to have to keep my doors locked!
2. Am I ever going to find all my stuff and get it back in the right places?

My Mom setting up the refreshments and my Dad sampling them all.
Jenn's hot pepper mustard was a sell-out!

Last minute checkerboard that I made, and didn't sell and now Shawnee has it. Better than selling it anyway!
Now for the ATOH list. That would be the After The Open House list of things that I need to get done. Some orders, a shower gift for Saturday, the boys quilts, some knitting and that list of Christmas presents that I need to get done. Oh yes, and clean up and pack away the leftover inventory. At least it is all in the attic and I can do it a little at a time. OK, in reality unless someone is coming and I need that bedroom it will be about next November until I get to it. There, I said it for you, John.


Congratulations!! Sounds like you had a great show. Wish I could have been there!
Dawn said…
I love the idea of having a show in your home. Great way to showcase your goods and your beautiful home.
Jody said…
Wow! I wish I could have been at your open house! No wonder it was such a sucess, gorgeous things! I really enjoyed all your photos, thanks fo sharing!
Suzanne said…
I wish I could have been there. You make such wonderful things! I'll bet there were a lot of happy people (with arms full of goodies) leaving your home. I'm glad your home show was such a success!
Balisha said…
Good morning...So glad to hear that your sale was successful. When I hear that you would do it again...I know that it was great. Rest today..
Ann said…
Cathy, I'm so glad that your open house was a success! Everything looked wonderful. Congratulations on living through it. ~Ann
pammyjo said…
Wonderful pictures and your items are fabulous. I'm glad it was a success! Congratulations. Who could resist those precious snowmen? I say no one I know. LOL
Meggie said…
What wonderful wares, Cathy! So happy the Open House was a success.
ohiofarmgirl said…
Looks like a great success...hope you are resting. Dianntha
Grandma Nina said…
Hi Cathy, It was so great to meet you. Your Open House was so nice and your home so inviting and cozy. I'll come back without the kids so I can "shop". I love your things. I'm too nervous with them making sure they don't touch anything. Yes, it would be fun to have our grandsons get together, and yes, it would be exhausting. My two alone are exhausting. I will e-mail you about our craft show open house as soon as we get the invitation together.
Talk to you soon.
Congratulations sweetie. Looks like you pretty much sold out of everything. I would say that makes it a huge success. What beautiful items you had for sale. I only wish they had a place like that here in Phoenix, AZ.

While blog hopping tonight, I found your beautiful blog. I so love it. I have signed up to follow you, I can't wait to see what you share next. Please pop over and visit me. I would be so honored to have you follow my blog as well.

Country hugs sweetie, Sherry
Hope you had a successful open house! Everything looks wonderful. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
luv2teek said…

Wow, sorry I missed it...looks wonderful. I'm sure it was fun although exhausting.

Let me know if you want to come back down to the old shop--things need cleared out very soon...I'm trying to figure out a plan to do that.

Take care...Bev