The 17 Year Quilt-FINISHED!

First let me say after over one year of blogging and over 200 blog posts, I NEVER saw that little blue sentence that says "Add Another Image" on the picture loader window. I have been loading pictures one at a time instead of the five at a time that Blogger allows! The things you learn. And how easy is that?

Mom bought me this pattern for Christmas. I have been saying that I would like to tackle a wool quilt and I have several yards of thin black wool that I bought for the base of quilt. This is my challenge item for this year. My Mother makes these great pillowcases. The night before her surgery, I helped her make the last four sets of them. Very easy and fun to make and so much nicer than any purchased pillowcases. As a sidenote: If I had a maid, or if I didn't have a job, I think that I would have clean pressed sheets and pillowcases every day. Well let's just go with a maid. I wouldn't do it myself everyday!
And this table runner was quite the surprise. Mom made one for my cousin for Christmas and I put up such a fuss about how I liked the colors that she decided at the last minute to make one for me. Pays to fuss, I guess. Funny how my mother was scrambling to get this done for me at the last minute and I was scrambling to get her penny rug done at the last minute also.

And now for the 17+ year quilt. Mom started this years ago. Literally years. I can only remember an approximate time by the house that I was living in and working on it. I remember having it at this one house and we moved from that house on my older daughter's 10th birthday. She is 27 now so I know that this was started at least 17 years ago, maybe longer. Mom cut out all the Santas and I did all the blanket stitching on them. We have lost them and found them and I have lived in 3 houses since then and moved them and lost them some more. I finally gave her the last one this year. I was surprised when she had it pieced and quilted already. She gave it to me for Christmas this year.

It has a Santa for every month of the year.

Well I am making my first of the year lists. I have a notebook full of them and went back over last year's list. Some of the items are on this year's list again, but really I did get a lot of them finished. I am in the mood to move furniture...I'll bet if John reads this, he will quickly have plans for the rest of the week!


Jody said…
That quilt is gorgeous! What a wonderful gift you received! I too have one of those notebooks full of what I want to do in the next coming crossing things off too! Wishing you a great New Year!
eeekj35 said…
I love that quilt!!! It is adorable! What a lot of hard work! Good luck on your wool quilt. I am going to attempt my first penny rug this week. Happy New Year, Kim
the prim schoolmarm
How blessed you are to still have your mom...I've been reading blogs this morning... alot of mom and I did this and that and exchanged gifts, I'm sure missing mine right now with tears in my eyes. Your quilt your mom made is so very nice I love it!!!
Lucky you to get such wonderful handmade treasures. LOVE that quilt.
I'm with you about the maid service and the clean sheets every night. Ever see those little signs in hotel rooms that want you to help them "be green" by not having your sheets changed if you're staying more than one night? Forget that! I pay good money for crisp, fresh sheets each night of my stay. I wonder how many people fall for that?
Happy furniture moving!
What a precious gift...a quilt made by you and your mom, over a 17 year span...

I have lists too, but all over the place. That is a great idea to have them all in one notebook...maybe my New Year's Resolution?!

Happy Holiday Weekend ~Natalie
Lois said…
I tired doing the notebook thingy but I kept loosing the book. Now I use post-it-notes. They work great for me. I love the santa quilt. It makes it more usable during the "off Christmas" season.