Countdown to Chaos.

17. The number of projects that I have to finish before Christmas
16. The number of people that I have yet to buy Christmas gifts for; 4 grandchildren, 4 daughters, 4 SIL's, 1 husband, 2 parents, 1 MIL.
15. The number of phone calls that I had yesterday as I was home babysitting my granddaughters, c'mon FIFTEEN!!! Really does anyone need to talk to me that bad? And I had the phone off the hook for the two hours that they both slept!
14. The number of projects that need completed here at the shop before Christmas.
13. The temperature outside! Who feels like shopping in this weather?
12. Children/Grandchildren in our family to figure out what they need/want.
11. The hour of the night that I break into the first coughing fit of the night.
10. The amount of Advil that I am taking every 24 hours to keep the throat pain at a minimum.
8. Rooms of the house that need cleaned.
7. Types of medicine that I have tried for this cold, Zyrtec, Robitussin, Nyquil, Mucinex, Hall's, Ludens and Advil.
6. Actual work days left before Christmas
5. Stockings that I have started and have to finish
4. Cabinet Doors that I have to paint yet.
3. Bathrooms that need cleaned.
2. The number of little blocks left to quilt on Gracelyn's quilt.
1. Recliner that is calling me to SLEEP!


Jenny said…
Oh heck, listen to number 1. Then the rest will all be a lot easier! Love your blog header. It is really neat.
Patti said…
Do yourself a favor and give money to your girls and tell them to buy what the Grandkids need, bring them to you, and you'll wrap them up. I've been doing that and it makes life so much easier.
Balisha said…
Clever post...busy lady.
I didn't think anyones list could be longer than mine.....bah-humbug....hang in there!!!!