Dyed yarn

We had our knitting Christmas party last night. Now there are only three of us that knit together, but Carol planned it and she has wonderful gifts of handspun yarn for us that we dyed last night. This is mine and I love it. I can't wait to start a scarf with it. Wonder if hubby will hold it tonight so that I can wrap it in a ball? Who can hate ironing when you have such a fresh clean cover on the ironing board. One of my projects for yesterday. Mine was a terrible mess. Actually it sort of looked real primitive with it's burns and water stains.
And this rug. I can't tell you why it is so crooked, must not have been paying attention. Oh well, it is more for function than beauty. It is going in our bathroom and no one but us really goes there. So nice to step out of the shower on nice soft t-shirts.

Curtains! My sewing room finally has curtains! It has only been a year since I redid that room and never got the curtains made. Thanks KIM, for the fabric. Kim brought me loads of fabric around Thanksgiving and I have used so much of it. Yesterday I made the curtains and sheers and covered the ironing board with some of it. I am putting it to good use.
And some progress on the stocking. I knitted this tiny little scarf and hat front to go on it. I have to get those ends worked in on the scarf, just can't find the right size needle to do that.

Shawnee and I have made a list of 20 things to accomplish in January. The one that finishes her 20 first gets to have the loser come to her house and work for a day. If I don't get busy, I am going to be repainting Shawnee's living room. I have to get done so she can help me clean my basement! (I'll bet that makes you work even faster, Shawnee!)


Oh, this will be an interesting race!! Painting a living room....if that doesn't get you motivated, nothing will!! LOL!!!
Jenny said…
Such lovely projects to wrap up 2009 with! I've enjoyed following your blog this year and look forward to reading more! And thank you so much for following my blog, too! I appreciate you! Hugs and Happy New Years Wishes!
Kay said…
Wow! You make you own ironing board covers! I'm so impressed...I bet they are so much nicer than the ones I've purchased. It sure didn't take you long to wrap that new yarn and make it into a scarf! Pretty!