The Fairies Arrived!

After reading my blog post yesterday morning, Jenn and Tyler showed up at 7AM ish to help decorate my tree.
Now this is Decorating the Tree at My House
1. White Lights
2. Red Lights
3. Mixed Beads
4. Red Beads
5. White Beads
6. Red Ornaments
7. White Ornaments
8. Crocheted Ornaments
9. White stars
10. Snowmen
11. Hand Blown Ornaments
12. Tin Icicles
13. Star on Top
14. Vacuum and lay down the tree skirt
I never realized how Obsessive Compulsive I was about decorating my tree until 24 hours ago.

This is Decorating the Tree with An Overstimulated Four Year Old
Lights, Fling the beads like a lasso, wow look at all this stuff, slide in the ornaments as if into first base, jump in the ornaments as if they were a pile of leaves, hang one snowflake on the tree, jump over the love seat to see what Mommy is doing in the back, run upstairs and find a toy that he had last week and bring it down to play with, pick up the beads again and fling them at the ceiling, hang another ornament on the tree, pick up all the tin icicles and fling them to watch them sparkle, count all the stars, where is papa, I want to put the star on top, hey look at all these snowmen, this one looks like a ice cream cone, lick the ornament only to have a mouthful of glitter, are we done yet, hey (flinging open the pantry doors) I need a snack, wow these ornaments look like snowballs...SNOWBALL FIGHT! as he wails the ornament across the roon with his best pitching arm, headfirst into the bin to see what else we can hang on the tree, fling all the stars in the air and watch the glitter fall, when is papa coming home, hey papa are you here somewhere? I want to put the star on! I think I need some ice cream, papa you're home, we need to put the star on top, and finally I really love this blanket, as he slides UNDER the tree skirt and lays down.
Amazingly enough we only broke one ornament and I did that and thankfully it was not a "good" one.

So the tree is decorated, if not artfully, certainly joyfully and quite memorable!

And one more order finished. I painted another of these and sold it at my open house. My daughter's MIL bought it and a friend of hers wanted one. What a trade! She brought me a stack of cabinet doors in trade for painting this. I love to barter.


LOL! You are a hoot! Your tree is charming!! I can tell that four year old keeps you on your toes!!! Thanks for the laughs!
Good Morning Sweetie...
The tree is absolutely stunning. So serene standing there so beautifully decorated. I love it.

I love the writing that you did. I believe you have been pearing into my window when my youngest two grandkids come by for a visit. They are 4 and 2. So busy, and into everything. Just as kids should be. Kain boy is 2, and I believe several ball ornaments have taken a flight or two since I put up the trees. (I have them in about every room).

Thanks for sharing. Wonderful barter you made. I love this painting though. She got a great deal out of this trade.

Have a great day.

Country hugs...Sherry
Lesley said…
Cathy, your tree is beautiful. Sometimes the best way to decorate is just go for it so I guess Tyler did just that. Your story certainly put a smile on my face and I could picture it as tho I was there. Our tree is going up this weekend. I have been shopping but somehow I too am not into it quite yet. I am sure once things get decorated I will be.
Merry Christmas to you and the family.
Les xoxoxo
pammyjo said…
Whew! I'm exhausted, I don't know how you do it. Fun ... but laughing my head off. Your tree is so prett.
ohiofarmgirl said…
It is looking so lovely. Aren't kids so much fun!! Dianntha
Charmingdesigns said…
I am quite tired after trimming YOUr Love these snowmen!!!