Final three orders!

Can you tell which ones I let go until last? The ones that are out of my comfort painting zone! I just have a hard time doing these houses although people seem to want them and hopefully like them! I put them off and really it was not that hard to do. I am always gun shy of them because of a bad experience one time. I had a couple bring a picture of their house to me and I painted it. I THOUGHT it was OK, (well really I thought it was good) and when they came to pick it up, she picked and complained and whined about how she did not like it. She really made quite the scene and I told them that was fine they didn't have to take it. When they walked out the door, I simply picked up the board and walked to the basement of the shop that I had at the time and threw the board in the coal furnace. Not a happy moment for me, but such a release of anger! When I came back upstairs, they were explaining to the woman who worked for me at the time (who still had the shocked look on her face because I had burnt the board) that they would like the board at a discount because they were not happy with it. DISCOUNT!!! I very politely explained that it was burning in the furnace right now. It was such a fun moment for me! The looks on their faces? Priceless!

Hope the results of this one are better. And this one ran around in my mind for the last two months. What to do. She wanted a guy in a hammock. I finally just pulled this pic out of clipart from work and traced it on the board. Hopefully this meets her approval.

The final one is one that I can't show until after Christmas. It is for someone who reads my blog regularly and they would recognize that it is for them! I have a few pics to post after Christmas of gifts and orders.
After frantic shopping on Monday, I came home to find my dear husband in the basement finishing my laundry. John and I do our own laundry, always have. It is one of the benefits of getting a husband who lived on his own for awhile. I have a theory that the best pre-marriage counseling would be for a man to live on his own for one year. Anyway, I am not as good at keeping up with my laundry, too many clothes I guess and it gets ahead of me. He is regimented at washing his clothes every week and will not go to bed until they are folded and put away. I, on the other hand will start laundry with all good intentions and three days later realize that I forgot I was doing it and there are wet clothes in the washer, wrinkled clothes in the dryer and sometimes, if it has rained, a load of clothes floating in water on the basement floor. This is one of those things that drives my husband CRAZY! So Monday night, he washed FIVE loads of clothes for me and had them folded or on hangers and done! What a treat!


OMG, how could someone NOT like your paintings?!!! You are awesome!!! I wish you a very Merry Christmas and good tidings for the new year!!
Meggie said…
Stopping by to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!
Grandma Nina said…
Cathy, These paintings are beautiful. I can't believe the nerve of those people that complained.
Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!
I think you did a fabulous job! They will sure to love them.

Have a wonderful Merry Christmas to yo and your family.